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  • Comment on Canucks’ Luongo outduels Price for fantasy win (2012-11-04 12:26:12)
    As a Montrealer that moved to China for a year on business purposes...I can safely say I don't miss the NHL. The KHL on my basic cable package more than makes up for it. This is ridiculous (the lock out) when you see the amount of people starving in this 3rd world country. AHL on internet, junior as well....who needs the NHL?
  • Comment on The hole gets deeper (2012-02-01 08:58:09)
    Mitch melnick is almost as much of an idiot as jack Todd. there is a reason 30 teams have passed on macguire for god knows how long.,,,
  • Comment on Next up: The draft (2011-06-17 09:26:30)
    test 2
  • Comment on Next up: The draft (2011-06-17 09:07:12)
  • Comment on Next up: The draft (2011-06-17 09:05:16)
    The Gazette really dropped the ball on this limited article thing. They responded to having an outdated business model by taking a page from the music industry (which hasn't worked for them either.). We live in a day where even respected magazines like Time will send you hard copies for free (for a whole year) and concentrate on ad revenue to compensate. If you look at the people who have done this the right way, their readership has stayed strong all while remaining financially viable and making a profit. The only one that will lose out because of this will be The Gazette itself. Diminished readers will equate to diminished advertising, which will in turn lead to less staff and articles from local sources. With all of the options a reader has via the internet, this new policy is laughable. I can imagine it must of been the idea of a 50+ year old marketing director with no actual scope on how media is consumed today. Way too go on taking something already outdated, and pushing it closer to the abyss. Take a long look at the world today and wake up, before you wake up to the bankruptcy of a Montreal institution that has been around for centuries. The quality of the Gazette has suffered over the last few years, this move is beyond perplexing. This isn't a complaint so much as a wise word of wisdom. I'm not too bothered by this, I have limitless options today as an end user to consume the media that i want, when i want it. Life will not be as kind to the Gazette if they keep it up. Good luck, you'll need more than that. Jason.
  • Comment on Teeing up Game Four (2011-04-21 13:33:53)
    That "MTL Stand Up" song is so embarrassing. Is it just me? I mean that is corny to the power of William Hung. All the song does is justify the pansy image that the rest of the NHL views this organization with. You have tons of playoff teams using war like songs to get their fanbase going because the playoffs are a war...the Habs respond with the Nhl's answer to tween pop. That felt good...rant aside this game means it all. Winner wins the series in my eyes. Get that first goal boys!
  • Comment on Put the brooms away (2011-04-18 15:45:26)
    I'm going to blast this from a vintage boombox and cwalk naked down st catherine tonight if we win. http://soundcloud.com/le-freak/fistpumpdiscophonk
  • Comment on Quick hits (2011-04-05 23:47:21)
    If you are going to nitpick, the team is announced to the fans like this every game: "Mesdames et Monsieurs accueillions nos Canadiens" which is directly translated into "Our Canadiens." the context in which it was used in this article it is certainly fine.
  • Comment on Finally! (2011-03-29 11:54:47)
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw5ap6QHDrM see? he can do it all.
  • Comment on Finally! (2011-03-29 11:52:39)
    I say we bring back Russ Courtnall.