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  • Comment on Gio. Cammy, Gomer rest; Marky works overtime (2010-10-27 13:29:51)

    I think there is always a bias but TSN market's itself as Canada's Sports network - RDS really is there to service the Quebec market, similar to the regional deals that Sportsnet has with the other NHL teams. You expect some bias there as they put so many resources into promoting their team and driving their numbers. But TSN has the national NHL contract and is considererd a national broadcaster, just like the CBC which also has a very strong Maple Leafs bias and I think that is what bothers people the most.


  • Comment on Frankie the Bull gives back (2010-07-24 09:07:07)

    I too, gave up on HNIC a long, long time ago and switched over to RDS - I actually didn't mind Brunet because I liked him as a player. But the headline about Tremblay scares me - what if he becomes the replacement on RDS? Now that would make it a long year!

  • Comment on Breezer in, O’Byrne, Laraque out (2008-10-30 14:30:40)
    I agree that BGL probably needs to work on his fitness. For O'B, I would have hoped he would play to help his confidence. I hope he doesn't become a yo-yo and jerked in and out of the lineup but rather is allowed to learn from his mistakes and not looking over his shoulder. Something is wrong there for sure, hopefully it gets straightened out - he could be a good one.
  • Comment on Update: Valentenko bolts Bulldogs, signs for three years with Moscow Dynamo (2008-10-30 14:00:15)
    Boys and Girls, the reality is we don't know the whole story and until the official story is released, this is all endless speculation. The fact is - this is a 21 year old kid who is probably missing home and frustrated with being in the minors. There may be family reasons why he wants to go home, and if the CKAC report is correct, he went with the team's permission. This isn't the end of the Habs - it is to bad that there are 3 decent prospects playing in the KHL and may never wear the Habs uniform but the draft is always a crapshoot and there are many reasons why a drafted player never makes the NHL roster. Thankfully, the cupboard is not bare and there are players competing to be in Montreal. We may never see Emelin, Pavel or Perezhogin back in Montreal but the organization is still rich with young players. Let's wait to hear the whole Pavel story before judging the kid.
  • Comment on Habs win in shootout (2008-10-29 09:25:25)
    Thanks bigbaehr- one of my favourite obscure Habs of all times as well! I agree the opposition doesn't seem to be affected as much but I don't think they are as focused on a skating possession game like the Habs. But you are right, I think the sticks might be a little tight. Some time on the road won't hurt them at all! Still gotta love the points they have put in the bank.
  • Comment on Habs win in shootout (2008-10-29 08:07:32)
    Last night's game wasn't pretty - they started very slow, the power play isn't clicking yet but there was one major point that stood out for me last night and in the 5 game homestand - the quality of the ice is brutal! As an organization, how can you build a team to play up tempo with highly skilled players and then give them that kind of ice surface to play on? Last night was brutal - the Lang open net summed it up perfectly last night - all he did was snap at the puck but it was bouncing around so much, he shot it over the net! Unbelievable! I really hope they get this fixed and the team can take full advantage of their speed and their skill level. It doesn't explain everything that might not be going well with the team right now but it certainly is a major factor.
  • Comment on Audio: Comments from the rehabbing Habs (2008-10-15 12:03:18)
    Since it is Eklund, I put no credence to this happening as you suggested Krob1000 but to the question of the players involved, I would have no problem moving Higgins in exchange for a "Star" forward as I think it would be a case of selling high with Higgins. I like Higgins but I don't think he is irreplaceable on this roster and I think he could be sacrificed in this proposal. I would have a harder time moving Mcdonagh however. By all accounts he is going to be a good one and I would hesitate including him.
  • Comment on A win and some cuts (2008-10-01 14:35:00)
    I believe I am correct in thinking that Lats would have to pass through waivers to get sent to Hamilton due to the number of NHL games he has played (I think that is what they said on TSN last night). If that is the case, I seriously doubt he would get through without someone taking him. So really, sending him down is not an option - there is no way they would just get rid of him for nothing.
  • Comment on A win and some cuts (2008-10-01 14:31:54)
    People, people, people - the Max Pac vs Latendresse debate is like comparing apples and oranges. They are two completely different situations. They kept Latendresse 2 years ago because they couldn't send him to Hamilton - it was stay with the Habs or back to Junior and they obviously decided Lats would benefit and develop more staying with the big club and learning how to be a pro than picking up more bad habits in Junior. Max Pac is an NCAA player who decided to turn pro and can be sent to Hamilton as a 19 year old so he can benefit from a year in the AHL and come up ready to succeed instead of learning on the job as a 19 year old kid. Sure he looked good night - against an average Wings line up. But it is miles away from a regular season game. And this kid played NCAA last year! Let him play a full season of 82 pro games before playing in Montreal. Strong organizations don't rush players and put them in situations to fail. They ensure they are ready to succeed before making the jump to the NHL - he belongs in Hamilton this year playing in all situations as a first or second line player. If you ask me Chips and D'Agostini are the two players fighting to stay with Stewart also in the mix. Those guys would be the first call ups in my mind. They have put in their time in Hamilton and have a better understanding of what it takes to play in the NHL than Max Pac does. And why so much negativity around Lats? He is a kid, learning how to be a pro in the most passionate hockey market in the world (which is good and bad at the same time), has scored 16 goals in each of his first two years, brings some size and obviously is taking things to a new level this year - he is in better shape and his skating is noticeably improved. And his reward is to go Hamilton? There is room for Lats and Max Pac in the future for this team - it doesn't have to be an either or situation.
  • Comment on Game 58: Lucky bounce jump-starts Canadiens (2008-02-13 12:37:08)
    I have to question the decision to schedule the rookie dinner on the florida trip - the Habs traditionally don't play well in Florida and this is the time to schedule a party paid for by the rookies? why can't they do it earlier in the year, maybe just before the all-star break as opposed to giving away 2 points? The habs were totally dominated last night and you have to think the rookie party played a role in the players performance. The vets on the team need to be smarter than that.