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  • Comment on On to Boston (2011-12-18 17:38:44)
    you sir, nailed it on the head. gainey did the same thing before his resignation, he made sound draft choices, his FA/Trading/Coaching choices on the other hand, have brought us to where we are today.
  • Comment on On to Boston (2011-12-18 11:44:53)
    Random idea..... If every Habs fan donated 5 dollars. Could we collectively buy out No-Gomez? Come on, Molson, it's free!
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-18 01:35:02)
    Anyone suggesting we trade Subban or Pleks is just plain crazy. Anyone ever heard of a sophomore slump? No one would utter a word like trade if this were the off season. Pleks is one of the top two way centers in the league. What this team really needs is a legit #1 center. Plekanec as a second line center, in my opinion, would be a warm welcome on any team. No doubt trades need to be made, a true #1 center is what this team has always needed. Draft picks like Subban and Plekanec are what make teams winners. I say keep Max, Pleks, Gorges, Price, Subban, Emelin, White, DD, LL and Cole. Get whatever you can for anyone else. At this point Cammy is unfortunately a salary dump. In my books, not producing at 6mill is ALMOST as bad as not producing at 7.3, ahem. How about this Lecavalier for Kostitsyn, Tinordi, Weber, Gomez, 1st, 2nd Sure the price is high. But who really cares about any of those players compared to the impact a even out-of-prime Vinny could provide the Habs. Let Tampa do to Gomez what the Canadiens do not have the balls to do. As for the draft picks, we have enough talented young players. We need veterans with IMPACT physically and on the scoreboard.
  • Comment on Multimedia: Martin out, Cunneyworth in as Habs fire head coach (2011-12-17 10:35:12)
    Lets not be so quick to have little faith in Cunneyworth. Look at what some of the rookie coaches over the past few years have done. Tippett in Pheonix Dineen in Florida Gulutzan in Dallas Yeo in Minnesota Bylsma in Pittsburgh We have a young core, and maybe they require a fresh "younger" face to inspire.
  • Comment on Audio: Price signs for 2 years (2010-09-02 18:15:18)

    should have cleaned house between the pipes. halak to st louis and price to sj for clowe or someone with scoring and toughness then sign niemi. reload with good prospects and get a good tough winger at the same time as aquiring a stanley cup winning tender.

    i dont know if im joking or not

  • Comment on Habs deal Desjardins to Bolts for Ramo (2010-08-17 00:23:04)

    Ramo has as much potential to be Prices back-up as Auld does. imo.

  • Comment on Happy birthday, Ken Dryden (2010-08-08 12:16:55)

    I agree. I couldnt believe he was in consideration for team canada. Then again bergeron ended up being just as useless. Hes still famous from ruining komo the homo and hasnt shown that ferocity since. No one from Boston should have even been at that camp. Should have invited cam to play with crosby and iginla. Not Berger-shit.

  • Comment on Leblanc deal worth $3.6 million. Sort of. (2010-08-02 11:21:28)

    Ok mab isnt a lightning yet but will be. and hawks just walked from niemi for turco

  • Comment on Leblanc deal worth $3.6 million. Sort of. (2010-08-02 10:11:18)

    Yzerman signed MAB

  • Comment on Yeah, but they signed Alex Henry (2010-07-30 17:32:24)

    As of right now, I do, because Eller didn't push us past the Caps. Im saying DM signed at a bargain of a price. go look at Ellers cap hit and its higher, yet we dont even know what he can do. Not to mention the loss of a 2nd rounder.