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  • Comment on Stop the press! Or stop the Internet!! Just stop something!! (2010-07-14 12:57:46)

    The ultimate test will be once his career is complete and fully evaluated, same goes for Price.  He played really well last year, can he ever play like that again, we'll have to wait and see.  Same goes for Price, he was so good in his first year, and has not lived back up to that as of yet.  We'll see what Jaro can do when he is the full time number one.  

    I love him for what he did this year, and I do want to see him still do well.

  • Comment on The HIO community (2010-07-13 14:16:16)

    The role Max has on this team is/was always simple.  Defense first, skate your but off and use your size and pot a few goals if you can.  Max has shown he can do this, he has also shown he can take a good chunk of the season off.

    I am really confused about how you think he is confused about his role.  They have never asked him to be a number one center, or a PP specialist.  So after that the roles are fairly limited.  

    I think management is finally starting to put out a good motto for this team.  Work hard night in and night out, all the passengers will be kicked to the curb.  I do not care if a guy has the skill of Kovalev, you do not give it your all every night we'll see you later.  



  • Comment on TGIF roundup (2010-07-09 12:07:59)

    1 - he will sign, i care, if contract keeps him as rfa he signs cheap, if we get him a few years into ufa we pay more

    2 - Shulz, but don't expect either making club full time this year

    3 - not sure how well he can play defensively which is important in bottom 6

    4 - PK will be ok

    5 - mistakes and size problem, sick of the instant analysis that people feel is 100% correct

  • Comment on Letters from camp (2010-07-07 07:41:32)

    No matter how "true" it was, you do not make that stuff public.  You deal with it in house.  Especially in a market like Montreal where the media are a bunch of rabid dogs that will jump on anything.  

  • Comment on Letters from camp (2010-07-07 07:28:26)

    I agree, we need a hard working, slightly bigger bottom 6 who can also kill penalties.  If we could limit Gomer/Plek/Gionta PK time a bit more they would have some more juice for 5 on 5 and the PP.  Not too many teams use 3 of their most offensive players on the pk.

  • Comment on Letters from camp (2010-07-07 07:21:49)

    Arpon who I normally enjoy to read has been killing me lately.  

  • Comment on Goodbye to Moore, Metro, Bergeron (2010-07-06 21:58:30)

    .912 save % isn't too shabby, and probably the most important stat when looking at a goalie.  Price does not need a bounce back year, funny thing is that his number were better in 09/10 than 08/09, he just didn't get the results.  

  • Comment on Goodbye to Moore, Metro, Bergeron (2010-07-06 19:59:36)

    I have a feeling AK will have a bounce back year, it is a contract year.  If he is tearing it up, I would also not hesitate to trade him away to the west to get something in return.  I think he is the generic good season in a contract year / does not give a damn most of the time type of guy, but has tons of skill.  

    Moen slots in on the third line, just for the sake of how much we pay hiim. 

    Will Eller be defensively responsible enough to play third line center?  I am just wondering, it is  JM team.  

    I hope we can see a full season of play off Lappy

  • Comment on The torch is passed, in the boardroom (2010-07-06 12:31:12)

    1 - I think if we could see how Mr. Gillet had defined Boivin's role with the team, he probably did a great job.  He put some good people in good places, sometimes things just don't work out in this game.

    2- I think both have the skill set needed to be top 6 guys.  I think it is a question of heart in both cases.  Hopefully AK is better with SK gone.  Contract year as well for AK, I foresee him potting 30 - 40 which then makes him dangerous to resign.  Pouliot will beef up a bit this summer, probably will pot 25 - 30 next year (very optimistic prediction here) 

    3 - did not read the article 

    4 - enforcers are not needed any more.  The bottom 6 needs to have some sand paper though.  Enforcers rarely hit the stars for the most part, the skilled middle weights is where it is at now.  

    5 - Better, they have a year under their belt being together.  Goal tending comes in as a slight question mark.  Carey sill had ok numbers last year in what was seen as a terrible terrible season for him.  

  • Comment on What does Kovalchuk want? (2010-07-05 09:04:34)

    No way to make the Spacek cap hit disappear besides trade