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  • Comment on Audio: Habs prospect Leblanc looks ahead (2010-08-10 18:45:23)

    I don't know about the business reasons, but he clearly needs to get a new family.  There are plenty of nice ones here in Montreal he could join.

  • Comment on Chipchura goes to the ‘dogs (2008-10-21 16:42:36)
    i agree with you on the 'peg and q-city votes. sorry for my apparent ignorance, but i don't even understand how toronto's the biggest market. for years now, expansion has always looked south, into big cities population-wise, but full of folks who couldn't care less about hockey for the most part. so does that mean there are no other cities of toronto's population or larger that don't have teams? if market meant enough people to support a team regardless of city size, there would be thousands fewer broken hearts in winnipeg and q-city! okay, maybe that's just me wishing... anyway, isn't the whole thing that keeps leafs fans going and interested despite a lousy product for a hella long time TRADITION? ...yes, and (insert witty laffs insults here). so unless that new team was an instant success, why would anyone switch over? all in all, the whole logic of the idea is lost on me, but i guess i feel that way about a lot of league business decisions.
  • Comment on Chipchura goes to the ‘dogs (2008-10-21 16:27:03)
    Amen! I don't know what kind of crazy hiring policy they have at CBC/HNIC that would end up with him in the job, but the fact that we get the station for free is really the only reason left for watching it.
  • Comment on Chipchura goes to the ‘dogs (2008-10-21 16:19:08)
    while we're on the topic of formatting... i love all the links to other sites, they're very informative. but PLEASE can they be formatted to open in a different window/tab? i hate all the back and forth business. otherwise, love the site and all the links!
  • Comment on Greetings to new Inside/Out family members (2008-10-15 20:24:33)
    i know RDS has a season subscription package, as well as per-game pricing ($3?). and there's the center ice subscription with nhl.com. but i don't know about any free streaming. would love to, though!
  • Comment on Greetings to new Inside/Out family members (2008-10-15 19:46:18)
    What better way to get my virginal post over with? I just discovered HIO recently, and i haven't been able to go a few hours without checking it since. I'd thought it couldn't get any better, but now this! Welcome new bloggers!