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  • Comment on Four score and four years ago (2010-08-23 12:05:43)

    Thanks to Red Fisher I had the opportunity to meet many of my favorite Habs at his home when I was a child. I even got to play gin rummy with many Hall of Famers.  I didn't know that Red wants to keep his real name a secret.  It is safe with me.

  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-18 08:35:51)
    As a lifetime Habs fan who, unfortunately has been living in Philly for 19 years, it was a special treat to be at the game. I never saw so many Canadiens' fans at a Flyers game, particularly ones that were vocal enough to lead Habs chants pretty much unchallenged. At times I thought I was at the Bell Centre, a blasphemous situation for Flyers fans. It was good to actually see the Habs play a strong, defensive third period instead of sitting back in the regular "come and score on us, prevent defense." Strong forechecking, combined with speed, made it a lot easier to hold the lead. I was surprised to see Carbonneau play so many of the young players in key roles. Either they have earned his confidence, or they are the best they have. In any case, it's great to watch the Habs beat the Flyers every time they meet. Love to watch the whining on Philly TV and read the excuses in the Philly papers. Now, if the Habs could only beat some of the other teams they need to beat regularly...
  • Comment on Game 16: Senators rally 3-1 over Canadiens (2007-11-11 12:16:09)
    Why do I have nightmarish visions of Pappin, Pulford and Stemkowski every time the Habs now play the Leafs? Although the curse is holding steady now at 41 years and growing, why can't they beat this inferior team?