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  • Comment on Canadiens third … in Forbes rankings (2008-10-30 06:49:43)
    I wasn't that aware of the Habs finances, to be honest, although I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised at the high debt ratio given Gillett's financing issues at Liverpool FC (another of my life long addictions!) Does anyone know how this debt is structured? The structure of Gillett and Hick's debts at Liverpool seem to be a never ending source of instability at the club. They are first in the league at the moment, but barely a week goes by without a story in the press about how the credit crunch is putting the squeeze on Gillett & Hicks ability to retain ownership or run the club...
  • Comment on Chipchura goes to the ‘dogs (2008-10-22 02:42:29)
    Good post, although if you look at the stats after 6 games, Kovy is only 1 point off his total at the same point last season: 07/08 after 6 games: 3G, 2A, 5Pts, +/-Even 08/09 after 6 games: 2G, 2A, 4Pts, +1 He does have almost twice as many shots though (21 so far this season, 11 at the same point last season) which may indicate he's trying too hard - could having linemates in a bit of a funk be the cause of that? I haven't seen much of the games (it seems they're only screening laffs games in the UK at the moment) so can't comment on the quality of the chances he's had. He'll be fine!