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  • Comment on About last night … (2013-04-10 14:09:43)
    I'm going to put this out there, After the hate and aboriginal bashing which went on when Idle No More was on the news (on the english side esp), I'm beginning to think this irrational hatred of one of the top 3 Goaltenders in the NHL is due to racism. I really can't figure out any other reason why so many would hate someone so irrationally. Considering the outrageous, horribly racist things I've heard about Native Canadians during INM in the West part of this island, It's not entirely surprising.
  • Comment on Jacques Demers will be guest on next HIO show (2013-03-19 11:31:54)
    I hope to hear Mr. Demers' opinion, as a Senator, on the legitimacy of an unelected, unrepresentative Senate. If he would be willing to run in an election and how he sees his role within the government. Also, how he views the allegations against other Senators. Hopefully these questions are actually brought up and not just ignored, as they seemingly have been lately. Tired of "circle-jerk" Q&A sessions.
  • Comment on Video from Monday practice (2012-03-19 13:23:46)
    Yea, just a couple of things; 1. Carolina and LA wouldn't trade either of their top players and especially not for Eller+ a 1st, I'd imagine it would take at least another 2 key pieces to make that deal go through (1 Very Good prospect + High (1st, high 2nd) pick. 2nd- I don't believe that Eller, Weber, Diaz, Darche or Noko are "wimps" (Jury is out until next year on Bourque, Kaberle just sucks) I think Eller has a nice amount of grit to his game he just needs to add muscle, Weber wants out, Darche was injured, Diaz is new to the NHL so we'll wait and see but he's an offensive player so I doubt he'll be ever used in an overly physical manner and Noko is just not an NHL caliber player. There is obviously a need for a 1st line caliber player on this team and everyone seems to think it's going to be easy to get one but the reality is these players don't grow on trees. The only hope of getting one is by A. Draft, Develop and wait or B. Trade. Seeing as we're going to fit into the 3-5 draft seed our options up front are (according to ISS) GRIGORENKO (Think Victor Kozlov +), F. Forsberg (Think Alfie 2.0) or GALCHENYUK (the good Hossa). Who knows who get's picked 1-2-3 at the draft this year and honestly even if it's a D-man the habs should go after the best talent available, you draft first based on Talent and 2nd on needs. Ideally on the trade/free agent front i agree that Gaustad would be a stud on our 3rd or 4th line, but the price would be pretty rich for his talent level, Parise is going to sign wherever Suter will sign apparently so that probably rules out MTL. For a good price i think Jochen Hecht could be snatched out of Buffalo (he's been injured all year but is a great 3rd line center), McClement for a 4th liner would probably be a good, reliable, cheap option. Jiri Hudler, Ponikarovsky or Brad Boyes would be excellent reasonably priced additions to bolster the lack of offense. There are a number of solid 4th Line guys the Habs could go after as well (Asham, Burish, Parros, Winchester, Kenopka) The Canadiens most definitely need a Top 4 shutdown D (Ideally, Stuart, Jackman, Grossman and if you like to dream, Suter) and Defensive depth for which I would think Y. Weber will be traded I would think Weber will be moved, potentially I could see Gionta also moving, just because of the extra cap needed and Gomez will be bought out, as for Kaberle I think we'll see him manning our blueline next year (unless we have a miracle trade). The only other thing I would like to suggest out of the Dreams category would be moving Plekanec, A 2nd-3rd Line talent and a 2nd rounder, even 2 2nd rounders for Duchene. He's having an off-year because of injuries but he can play and he could develop into an elite player But realistically the Habs are going to be; Patches-DD-Cole Hudler-Plekanec-2nd or 3rd Overall 2012 Pick or Gionta Bourque-Eller-Leblanc White-McClement-Parros/Burish Markov-Emelin Gorges-Subban Diaz-Jackman St-Denis I would also trade Budaj and get an older mentor type guy to come in Price Vokoun (back to the future) Coach: Jon Cooper GM: Pierre McGuire :) hehe or more likely Julien Brisebois
  • Comment on Audio: Blueline swap brings Kaberle in deal for Spacek (2011-12-09 13:37:08)
    The Canadiens: the best team of 2006
  • Comment on Audio: Blueline swap brings Kaberle in deal for Spacek (2011-12-09 13:25:19)
    more like Subban-Gorges Emelin-Diaz Gill-Campoli Kaberle 9pts in 29games for the bargain price of 3 years and 12.75 Million!, Also Weber has more PP points, Carolina's PP is 26th in the league. What's the point of being a Habs fan anymore, first Mcdonagh, then Sergei K and now we just pick up another horrible contract in a pathetic attempt to save the season. Were not going to make the playoffs and hopefully Geoff Molson smartens up before Gauthier trades PK for Garrison (FLA)....
  • Comment on It’s officially UGLY (2011-10-20 21:32:46)
    A couple of things: 1. Emelin on the PP (ITS ABOUT F**KIN TIME) 2. I HATE and i can't say it enough HATE 1-2-2 It's so elementary/boring 3. WHY JACQUES do you keep breaking up the only lines which function, its like the lets keep Andrei off the scoreboard game! I love how Sergei had an "attitude" problem who couldn't make it in the leage and is now a Pt per Game player.... and finally although I love Darche's can't die attitude, he's not a powerplay guy, he's at best a third liner. We need a 4th line guy, in the NHL you need guise that can hit and turn the momentum, every1 says you need an enforcer: bollocks; the only thing you need to change momentum is a couple of big hits and a faceoff win now and again...Can anyone help Gauthier spell Zenon Kenopka a
  • Comment on It’s officially UGLY (2011-10-20 21:26:24)
    SOOOOO I think it's time to play every Habs fans favourite game: Next Coach!
  • Comment on Hot Sabres at Bell Centre (2011-10-18 15:30:28)
    Just realized john madden is still a free agent, would probably be a good fit on the habs; size, defensive skills, faceoff and mentoring
  • Comment on UN-BE-LIEVABLE!! (2010-04-28 16:25:30)

    Jacques Martin tonight:

  • Comment on UN-BE-LIEVABLE!! (2010-04-28 12:25:54)

    well if TOI is any indication, PK>MAB in Jacques Martin's mind