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  • Comment on Capitals vs. Canadiens preview (2015-01-30 15:33:03)
    I was looking at Plekanec's career statistics and was surprised to learn that since his rookie season (2005-2006), he's missed only 27 games and 15 of those came in that year. His offensive and defensive contributions not withstanding, the fact that he played in all but 12 games over the last 9 seasons is a pretty impressive feat considering his size and stature!
  • Comment on Eller agrees to four-year, $14-million deal with Habs (2014-07-25 11:38:36)
    Hey HIO team, I've been a big fan of this blog for years, but these new pop up ads you guys have started using are really annoying and really lousy to deal with. Not trying to troll, but nobody likes pop ups. I won't be using this site for my Habs news if it stays that way and I'm sure a lot of people feel like that. I'm sorry about the death of print media, but this is not the solution.
  • Comment on Bourque will be in Habs’ lineup for Game 3 (2014-05-06 12:41:31)
    I would just like to say that I've discovered a newfound respect for the team at the Gazette and Canadian sportswriters in general. After reading a few articles over at the Boston Globe and Herald, I'm pretty shocked and annoyed. More than a few of their 'journalists' sound a lot more like disgruntled fans just trying to stoke the fires and get Bruins fans riled up against the Canadiens instead of, you know, writing smart, thoughtful pieces about hockey and what makes it such a great sport. All these writers seem to focus on is "do the habs get special treatment from the refs?" (to which we can firmly say NO thanks to articles like this: I'm just surprised that (almost) no one in Boston feels like writing intelligent discourse about hockey since they have such a good team and so much history. Instead, all I seem to find are articles about how much they hate the Canadiens. There's just such a huge difference in style and content between what the HIO team puts out and what they put out. One feels more like JOURNALISM and the other feels like fan hate mail that somehow has a publisher.
  • Comment on Odds stacked against Lightning heading into Game 4 vs. Habs; Reno to sing anthem again (2014-04-22 12:06:50)
    I hope TB starts Gudlevskis. I feel bad for the kid having those terrible numbers on his stat sheet: 10.37 GAA + 0.667%. Imagine having that follow you around your whole career.
  • Comment on Habs’ Weise lives dream with OT goal in Game 1 (2014-04-17 16:11:45)
    Found these on reddit: Subban and Stamkos as kids together on a team: 2014 NHL playoff teams as animated versions of themselves:
  • Comment on Bring on the Sabres (2014-03-25 16:11:09)
    If Weise is getting tests done on his wrist, I can't imagine he'll play tonight since he clearly has symptoms in a best case scenario. But hey, the Wiz played with a fractured wrist in 2011, so who knows? Assuming he's out and Moen's head isn't made of the same material as his hands (stone), I'd guess Parros and White short of a call-up, which I think we'd have heard about by now. So I guess our fourth line will be some variation on White/Parros and either Bournival or Bourque depending on Therrien's whims. Could be Eller, but he's still day-to-day and there haven't been any updates so far.
  • Comment on Bring on the Sabres (2014-03-25 15:47:39)
    Completely agree. It's offensive that a player can essentially slash another in the groin behind the play and get away with it. Just another example of the Bruins' dirty play.
  • Comment on Bring on the Sabres (2014-03-25 15:24:05)
    Ask and ye shall receive. Although I think this is a far better interpretation of Emelin's reaction to the spear:
  • Comment on Bring on the Sabres (2014-03-25 15:22:41)
    @ Danno Pretty sure Dr. Recchi is busy using his medical prowess to get a close, personal look at his own rectal cavity and will be unable to comment at this time for that reason.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 73 – Budaj brilliant, Galchenyuk’s Shootout goal beats Bruins (2014-03-24 20:45:44)
    Way to kill that... PP boys...