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  • Comment on Habs will clear out lockers Saturday in Brossard (2014-05-30 13:29:00)
    Really disappointed with yet another gutless effort last night. This team needs a testicular transplant! Moves that need to be made for any hope of making playoffs next year..... Fire Therien. Outcoached and outsmarted just like every year in the playoffs. Need a real coach like Adam Oates. Somebody who played, fought and bled to win. Not this loser who never skated a game in his life. Secondly, trade mr "im made of glass" Carey Price. What use is a star player if he always gets hurt when its go time. Toker showed he has the chops to handle the hot stuff. Get a top center and top D man for Price and let that team deal with the playoff injuries that take him out at a crucial time. That way you also don't need to resign the drek that is Markov or Vanek. Then maybe get Plecanek to go finish his girly man career in the KHL and use the money saved to find a real second line center. Going to need some scoring while the kids learn D on the backend. Ultimately, they will need guys who have big balls to fill the empty spots, not this collection of cowards who don't show when everything is on the line.
  • Comment on About yesterday afternoon … (2014-05-03 19:48:49)
    Clearly you haven't watched this year. First blown lead in the 3rd this year.
  • Comment on Habs to scrimmage at Bell Centre Monday night (with video) (2014-04-29 00:47:34)
    Richards probably hit on his wife between periods.
  • Comment on Habs to scrimmage at Bell Centre Monday night (with video) (2014-04-29 00:41:27)
    #2 doesn't go in if it's niemi because he would have gotten the "he's a veteran so we will call it frozen even if we can't see it" from the refs. Then #3 doesn't happen because niemi would have controlled that rebound. San joser coaching staff has only itself to blame.