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  • Comment on Habs hold optional skate before facing Canucks, acquire Czarnik from Kings (2014-02-05 16:56:03)
    I totally agree with Buzz on that....having good coaches around him will be beneficial as well...MT is very much if not completely responsible for ruining the confidence of our Norris winner. Having Babcock and all the better coaches around him will only do him lots of good and passing the puck to a guy like Crosby and Toews is not same as passing it to guys like Pacioretty (who is a pure goal scorer but he is a floater on many nights) who couldnt pass the puck if his life depended on it and all the 2nd or 3rd line forwards we have on this team
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 57 – Canadiens douse Flames 2-0 (2014-02-04 22:44:25)
    Couldn't be cuz Plakenec line was on for a long time before finally drawing that penalty so rewarding that Eller line would have been good for their confidence. But we all know that MT has a h@#d on for DD ....
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 57 – Canadiens douse Flames 2-0 (2014-02-04 22:31:18)
    How funny is that the laughs win and its the BIG news on TSN and they get killed by Florida and the news doesnt even make it to the main page on TSNl. Is it possible that TSN was embarrassed by their own team....tsk tsk tsk
  • Comment on AUDIO: Habs trade Diaz to Canucks for Weise (2014-02-03 16:26:25)
    I agree with you mostly but I do see him to be faster than Moen and bigger then Prust. Both of those players have been around for a while so let's wait and see :-)
  • Comment on AUDIO: Habs trade Diaz to Canucks for Weise (2014-02-03 16:24:00)
    Yeah we might have gotten one more body for him if he hadnt been a healthy scratch for most of 2014.
  • Comment on AUDIO: Habs trade Diaz to Canucks for Weise (2014-02-03 15:58:28)
    Would you prefer a 5th 6th round pick who might or might not have made it to NHL or a 25 years old with good size and speed who offers us much needed size grit and speed on 3rd or 4th line right now and if he does well for few years to come...
  • Comment on AUDIO: Habs trade Diaz to Canucks for Weise (2014-02-03 15:27:37)
    Good trade for the Habs. People expect miracles without assessing the real value of the player. Diaz was NOT good enough to crack our lineup and that Beaulieu kid has been good for us. Someone pointed out that sometimes when we look at a player's progress in AHL, it might not be the real picture as it depends on the players surrounding you. Let's be honest with exception of one or two of our prospects (and they are mostly on smaller side) who have an outside chance of ever making it to big club, our AHL team actually sucks with no talent up front. I would love to see this Weise kid play with Eller and Bourque (as long as he is here) as he is a natural right hand shot and only right hand shot with some size. We have not seen enough of the Canucks to know how he was used in their lineup but looking at his stats, he has produced at different levels so one has to be positive. And this trade also gives us a look into how our pro scouring department is doing. With exception of Ryder for Cole, this is the second trade done by this management involving players part of their team's current rosters. Next few days are crucial and big decisions need to be made by MB. And I believe this trade also shows that Blunden has most likely played his last game for the Habs. With Briere producing in last couple of games, I think he might be the next one to go (hoping for the best)
  • Comment on AUDIO: Habs trade Diaz to Canucks for Weise (2014-02-03 15:24:01)
    why I am not able to post here. I do not understand. This is frustrating.
  • Comment on Game 6: Brodeur does it to Habs again (2010-10-21 16:03:43)

    well Montreal needs to work on the powerplay and start this before Markov comes back so it doesnt put too much pressure on him.


    read this article on habsindepth about the power play

  • Comment on Audio: Hamrlik returns for home opener (2010-10-12 18:15:05)

    Yeah you are so right about that.  I had a chance to follow the training camp and he looked good to me during the rookie camp so I am sure with some experience of NA hockey in smaller rinks, he will be an awesome player to watch.  Patience is the key :-)