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  • Comment on Liveblog: Playoff Game 4 – Pacioretty propels Canadiens to Round 2 (2014-04-22 16:38:21)
    @The Jackal from last page... c'monnnnn! lol The most profitable team in this league is an absolute joke! it's been nearly FIVE decades since theyve won! Look at other sports, baseball for instance... less than half the teams have any chance of making the post-season, EVER. and it's not an ebbing and flowing thing... same teams suck every year. Winning is only the goal if it is necessary to make $$$. Sometimes it's not. Sometimes, you just have to win 'enough'. Habs can do that with a bilingual coach any given year.
  • Comment on Odds stacked against Lightning heading into Game 4 vs. Habs; Reno to sing anthem again (2014-04-22 16:19:28)
    There's a misconception that teams exist to win, when they actually exist to entertain and make money from an identified market. That should preclude one from asking questions about whether the coach needs to be bilingual in order to win..
  • Comment on Odds stacked against Lightning heading into Game 4 vs. Habs; Reno to sing anthem again (2014-04-22 15:43:42)
    Couldn't have said it better. Seems many of the people who complain about the cultural issues do so while blinded and deafened by an inability to recognize their own bias.
  • Comment on Odds stacked against Lightning heading into Game 4 vs. Habs; Reno to sing anthem again (2014-04-22 15:36:31)
    You need a lesson from someone, that's clear. "Muslims". That'S all, just some muslims. Run of the mill muslims. Tool, find your box.
  • Comment on Odds stacked against Lightning heading into Game 4 vs. Habs; Reno to sing anthem again (2014-04-22 14:55:25)
    "They should have a Greek or an Italian or a Muslim sing the anthem"... It's my fav when someone gets on their high-horse of morality and exposes themselves as actually being the ignorant one. If you can't figure out what's wrong with that, then there's no hope for ya. Next, Mr. Paz, as much as it might pain you, since you clearly have some problem with Québecois, Montréal is NOT known and loved because it is multicultural. Every big city is multicultural. Unfortunately, alot of people think the only cities in the world that are diverse are Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Quebec is special because of the French fact. You might not like this, and that sucks for you. Doesn't make it any less true. And I am not French nor Quebecois, so don't even go down that road.
  • Comment on Habs will be going for sweep in Game 4 Tuesday (2014-04-21 19:53:21)
    A lot of people, nearly all, keep saving face with the old "let's be honest, no one would have though blah blah blah". Actually, many of us were positive about this team. WOuld I have bet the house on being up 3-0? No, but I am not in shock, nor am I in shock at Bourque's play. I was pretty adamant on this site about how absurd it was that people were calling for Ryan White to dress instead. I called Bourque to score in game 1, I was off, but the point remains... he's a good offensive player, and his supposed laziness has been exaggerated all year. He has been snake-bitten and has failed to execute, often misfiring or waiting too long. Only a handful of times has he been lazy. The fact that he rarely is on for any atrocious d-zone breaks down somewhat speaks to this point. In any case, I was a fan of Bourque since he butchered on in the Heritage Classic, I was thrilled when we traded for him, and I am more happy about that trade than ever. I am excited to see him doing so well, but no, I am not shocked at this either. Barring some collapse on his part, there should be NO BUY OUT. Eller on the other hand, while he has been less dominant than Bourque, is more surprising. I was starting to think he had no place on this team, but if he keeps it up, he will make his case. THis is not an "i told you so" gloat, just pointing out that some of use (and there were any others) who weren't sitting around waiting for our guys to get rolled over, and hating on them in the mean time.