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  • Comment on Clearing up the Habs’ TV picture (2014-09-04 13:28:02)
    I have to believe I won't get left out in the cold on this but I am thoroughly confused. I live in Northern NY (2hrs from downtown Montreal), which has historically been considered the Habs region. When watching CBC (sigh) I would get the Habs on regional coverage and not the national Leafs game. I also subscribe to DirecTV NHL Center Ice package because if not for that, I would not see any Habs games at all, other than CBC (good god!). The US refuses to air Canadian teams on US channels unless they absolutely have to and then its only because they are playing NY R, Bos, or Pitt. So my question is...will I now get to watch Habs games with homer announcers like the good old days with Dick Irvin? or will I now not be able to see any of these games because they are aired on Canadian regional channels (I did get games in the past on center ice on TSN, Sportsnet, occasionally RDS)? or will nothing change for me? Not sure if anyone knows but I thought I would share my confusion. :)
  • Comment on (AUDIO) Subban signs eight-year deal with Habs averaging $9 million a season (2014-08-03 08:34:26)
    This time it was...but when you set that precedent of not giving bridge deals you will get burned by not doing it later. It was a smart move and for once one of our prospects blossomed and now we have to pay him to keep him. It's a good model.
  • Comment on (AUDIO) Subban signs eight-year deal with Habs averaging $9 million a season (2014-08-03 07:54:05)
    It is what it is...I'm glad he is a Canadien, I just hope he can live up to that enormous contract, and stay injury free. The expectation is now there to perform professionally, at a high level on both ends of the ice, game in and game out. He will need to continue to mature and lift his game to an even higher level now every night.
  • Comment on Habs’ Subban meets media in Brossard as contract talks continue (2014-08-01 06:57:13)
    Well said...
  • Comment on Habs’ Subban meets media in Brossard as contract talks continue (2014-08-01 06:55:59)
    I say a deal will get done eventually, maybe today, maybe not. I am thrilled we have a GM that knows how to use the tools and play the game. It will benefit the future very well. It does come down to perceived value of the player over the length of the deal at the end of the day but the bridge deal and now this negotiation is all part of the process and it sets the precedent. The Habs will have many young stars that will need to be paid, and giving big deals instead of the bridge, caving and overpaying when you have leverage, these are things that hurt you trying to build a long term winner. IMO. We can now expect Galchenyuk to get a bridge like Price, Pax, Subban, etc. We the fans might not like it and feel like WTF????, understanding that the players are human too, they are professional, and the good ones leave the ugly stuff to their agents and move on when its over.
  • Comment on Update: Habs development camp continues in Brossard (2014-07-09 13:28:14)
    Thank you....and he is not a forward. These signings have no bearing what so ever on PKs contract.
  • Comment on Gorges stunned by Habs’ desire to trade him, now waiting for next move (2014-07-01 09:47:11)
    Maybe a bit over the top, but not personal. I don't know #26 and he is probably a really great son, husband, etc. I didn't like the contract value, the length, or his play. I'm just happy he won't be captain and we might be able to clear that money.
  • Comment on Gorges stunned by Habs’ desire to trade him, now waiting for next move (2014-07-01 08:48:55)
    I've been waiting for this for a very long time and I cringed every time someone on here talked about this guy becoming our next captain. It's business #26, you've been overpaid for some time now and you need to stop whining like a little bitch and move on - be professional. Next time you sign a contract, consider the value you provide vs. the cost of the contract or you'll be moving again.
  • Comment on ‘I feel like it’s my home,’ Habs’ Markov says about Montreal (2014-06-26 08:36:08)
    I don't think its MB. He played his cards exactly how he should have in this one but didn't a good hand in the end. PK has leverage now and I don't see him locking in long term. In his best interests, unless he just really wants to play in Montreal, he should go for 2 yrs and test the market when he is UFA. I think PK is driving the 2 yr deal. If I am MB, he only gets $6M on a 2 yr deal, take it or leave it. long term I would start at $6-$6.5M and go up form there with a avg over the 7-8 yrs of $7.25M or so...
  • Comment on Markov looking for three-year, $18-million deal: report (2014-06-17 11:34:11)
    I have and always had a huge respect for Markov. Elite defensemen in his prime that was underrated. Very savvy today and intelligent, making up for his physical abilities that have left him. This is not the time to be sentimental on any of these guys and 3 yrs for $6M a yr is ridiculous. Good bye Andrei, thank you for your service. Go help somebody win a cup while we build a powerhouse. The Habs will not replace him and they won't be better on the back end without him, but it's about the plan and larger picture right now and that $6M will be needed badly in coming years to push for the cup.