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  • Comment on Prust will be in Habs lineup for Game 1 (2014-04-16 16:37:02)
    I like the lineup against the speed we are about to witness. What I like more is that MT values guys (minus PK) that are not prone to mistakes. Mistakes don't just cost you games at this time of year, you all know they can cost you series and all the good you did doesn't matter when that happens. Make them earn it and we have a chance in this series. EDIT: Or just have Vanek and Price get hot and steal the cup for us regardless of turnovers etc.!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-02 10:54:40)
    I strongly believe in sports Refs are human and will make mistakes like players and coaches. I also believe you have to play well enough to overcome bad calls and mistakes in order to win. Having said that, it is obvious when Chris Lee calls Habs games, the Habs are killing penalties throughout and lose the majority of them (would love to have stats and not my anecdotal, but I would bet money on this). Its my belief he thinks we are small and when we are tripped, etc, its just our size that we can't keep our feet, or we are diving, which PK has also set that precedent and brought this onto us. When the other team falls down and we are near them, it must be us trying to use our sticks and grabbing on because we have no size and we must have hauled them down to stop them from advancing the puck.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-04-02 10:30:53)
    I love our outlook in 2 years, heck even next year, IF MB makes the right moves this summer. I have not been this high on our future in many years. Having said that, and I know I sound like a broken record and nobody wants to hear it, but we are doomed in the playoffs. This team is built to win in the regular season and when the whistles go away, our time and space is gone by playing good teams, we won't score a lick. Vanek will stop us from being shutout on most nights, Price will keep us in games and maybe even steal a couple, but we will fall short. You will see Boston dominate us in the playoffs if we meet them because they play and are built to win in May with their size and system. Our time and space that is desperately needed for our forwards to score the pretty goals they insist on scoring, won't be there. conversely, teams will be allowed to get all over Price and we will let them like Weaver last night and many of our Dmen before him. That's how you beat our great goaltender. Crowd him and put pucks on net.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-23 08:41:42)
    I've been of the opinion he needs all this year to get back to 100%.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-23 08:40:40)
    I think it's because we are getting into April and May now and mistakes cost games and eventually series. The kids simply are not ready to play mistake free hockey, understanding that all payers, even all-stars, make mistakes, they don't make them at the frequency and in the usually the situations the younger players do. I'm getting impatient after 21 years, I would like some of these younger players to be get ready faster, but I think Mgmt is playing it right.
  • Comment on St. Patrick’s Day at Bell Centre; Habs send Bournival to Hamilton for conditioning (2014-03-18 15:16:05)
    I wish I could share more but duty calls. I'll just say that my love of the Habs came in the late 1970's as a 6-7 yr old. I live in northern NY and I used to sneak my AM radio on in my room (I was supposed to be sleeping) so I could here them on Saturday nights while my parents watched Hockey Night in Canada downstairs. I won a ton of Stanley Cups with Lafluer and Shut in my driveway and the pond across the street - too many to count. Nobody had an answer for me centering them. :)
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-14 10:19:42)
    Your best player has to be your goaltender for sure on the Penalty Kill and in the playoffs to go deep, but you also need to be able to play different styles, including a rough and tough style to get through when good coaching has your team bottled up. You simply don't get the time and space the Habs need in the playoffs to succeed. Well coached teams take that away from Montreal and we can't score to save our lives. This is not the year, I think everyone knows it but hopes for the best.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-04 09:55:03)
    I've been dreaming we are getting bigger and tougher and can play more than just one style of hockey. I like the effort, and poorly coached teams will give us the time and space we need in the regular season to look good at times, but this team is still doomed and worse, MB knows it and has not been able to make a significant move yet to really improve the team. We are easy to play against for well coached teams. Our only chance to win is to play defense, and we are not built to play that tough lock down, disciplined game yet. Just MO.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-04 09:48:41)
    I don't know man...I don't think he has fixed anything and that is the most frustrating thing for me. The guy rightfully gets benched for making horrible turnovers trying to do too much at inopportune times and it doesn't seem like he ever learns from it. He just laughs it off and reads his script. I did see him pick up a Norris trophy last year for whatever reasons, but I didn't see him fix these issues - the big windup, the bad penalties trying to do too much. I think he is a fine young defenseman that has a great future in this league when he matures, but he plays young right now and has a lot to learn so his skill can shine and not be outdone by his mistakes and bad decisions. He is not worth $8M ... yet.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Olympic Games, semifinal: Canada 1, U.S. 0 (2014-02-22 07:55:44)
    Congratulations Canada. This one stings... I didn't think Team Canada fans (not the players at all) respected how far our USA hockey program has come in recent years, I really wanted this one to get over the hump. Also really do not want to hear that arrogant and abnoxious Don Cherry open his yapper. The reality in my mind, was even though Canada looked so superior to other teams on paper, they never are, the game is played on ice, not paper. When they win, its because of execution and hard play, not their names. On this day, as I thought would be the case, your defense was simply better than ours, more experienced top to bottom, and executed better. I like our group, but they are young and even MacDonough made some key mistakes with all his great play. My consolation is that the world got to see why I have been clammering that Carey Price is the best goalie in the world and he can play the big games when his team plays solid in front of him. He has won at every level he has ever played at except in Montreal - where I have yet to see a top notch 6 man defense in front of him. Sweden will be a tougher game if you can believe that, the next game always is in this tourney, enjoy it, cheers!