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  • Comment on Chara will not be suspended (2011-03-09 19:38:00)

    Tommy and Dave,

    Hi guys.  There is no hope until a thorough housecleaning is done, but let's not hold our breaths. They have taken the best sport and almost destroyed it beyond repair with their shortsighted and incompetent management.  As you say Tommy, bring in someone who loves and understands the game, not these effing lawyers and Mba's. 

    Aside from that, I hope all is well with both of you.  Btw, this site has become very strange.

  • Comment on Game 14 (adds audio): Bruins toy with Habs (2008-11-14 13:32:12)
    The statement "not prepared" that is being used to blame the coaching staff is a joke. It doesn't mean that there was no game plan. It means that the players were not prepared to do what was necessary to win the game. Period. This is an 82-game marathon to settle positioning for the playoffs and it's still way too early to start crapping on the Habs. They are going to lose at least 25 games this year and sometimes they'll look bad. Would you rather they look good when they're losing? Not me. Now that would be discouraging. It is ironic that certain people give up on the team when they lose, while criticizing the team for giving up on the game. I guess patience is in short supply around here. I can hardly wait to read the comments when a real slump occurs, like it will happen to most teams. Does anybody remember the Stanley Cup winning Red Wings last year? They lost 7 or 8 in a row, sometimes to bad teams. I trust Gainey and staff, and you can be sure that they don't like what they are witnessing. Things will change if needed, but now is not the time to panic. The season just started and the real test is after Xmas when teams gear for the final push. Patience.
  • Comment on Press review (2008-11-11 11:04:51)
    I think there are some easy answers, but not with the braintrust that runs the NHL right now. No-touch icing, glass flush with the boards, reduction of the size and strength of the padded equipment, a full 2-minute penalty like it used to be(regardless of how many goals are scored), elimination of the instigator rule, get rid of the second ref, added responsibilities to the linesmen, and competent referees are a start. And get rid of candy-ass penalties of which there are many. Example, simultaneous penalties of a tripping call to one player and a dive to an other on the same play. The player either dove or was tripped, not both. Not all of these suggestions will be agreed upon, but the NHL should have an open mind at all times to improving the quality and safety of the game. That is what they are paid for in my humble opinion.
  • Comment on Video update: Kostopoulos suspended 3 games (2008-11-10 20:40:00)
    You can read the satirical piece by Otter on page 2. Look for LaDePresse.
  • Comment on Video update: Kostopoulos suspended 3 games (2008-11-10 20:36:45)
    Really? Do you remember Chris Pronger getting a one-game suspension for elbowing Holmstrom in the 2007 playoffs? Niedermayer got the penalty, but upon review, Pronger was revealed to be the culprit.
  • Comment on Video update: Kostopoulos suspended 3 games (2008-11-10 19:59:23)
    A Go to page 2 and read LaDePresse.
  • Comment on Video update: Kostopoulos suspended 3 games (2008-11-10 19:30:35)
    habs haven You know, I actually prefer a childish remark directed at me than your usual garbage about the Habs. This suits your intellect much more.
  • Comment on Video update: Kostopoulos suspended 3 games (2008-11-10 19:13:02)
    Habs haven Is the sky blue in your world, or is it always bloody raining? You should change your name to Prophet of Doom and Gloom. I have rarely seen you post one positive comment yet.
  • Comment on Video update: Kostopoulos suspended 3 games (2008-11-10 20:54:24)
    Big-D It has moved to page 3 because of additional posts.
  • Comment on Press review (2008-11-07 09:15:15)
    Bryan Thank you very much for this link. It would have been nice to see what Orr could have done playing on two good legs. As it is, he was the best I ever saw.