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  • Comment on We want to hear from you (2010-10-19 19:11:56)

    Wow, that was a very long survey... and I didn't get to say this: the site should not redirect to mobile homepage when accessed on a mobile device. A simple layout change of the same URL.

    I access HIO through the rss free, sometimes using my smartphone. I cannot follow links to this website because I lose the page being redirected to HOME. Instead of trying to find the page I already had, I just switch to sth else, hoping this gets fixed soon!

    Also, this one of the very few websites with a worthy comments section: great community

  • Comment on Update: Police to investigate Chara hit on Pacioretty (2011-03-10 12:54:29)

    I think boycott is the best solution... Maybe boycott just the first period, the first 10min... first 5min !!!

    This would send a strong message that something has to be done about this kind of hockey.