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Philadelphia, PA

Habs fan since: 1972-73
Favorite current player: Brian Gionta/ Mathieu Darche
All-time favorite player: Guy La Fleur/ Jean Beliveau


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  • Comment on Alive! (2010-05-20 08:09:50)

    H is for Help which is what the Habs need right now. G is for Goal which is what the Habs also need. Halak may finally be exhausted. We'll see. Normally I would be rooting for the Habs but I want the parade in my back yard, not at the usual route. Cretins, ooh that hurt. My mother has called me worse names.

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-04-09 07:58:58)

    Don't worry, Boonie's favorite 2nd favorite team The Broad Street Bullies will take care of The Broadway Blow J*bs tonight. The only thing that worries me is the goaltending, if Lundquist plays the way he did the last game in Philly, it could be a long night, he stopped everything. Oh yeah, then there's Boosh, who played well against the Maple Quiefs but has looked like my beer teams goalie at times. Grab some Rolaids, Tums or Crown Royal its going to be a bumpy ride.

  • Comment on Practice resumes; writer’s cramp for Price (2010-03-30 10:26:56)

    Given the situation in Philly, Flyers fans would gladly take Halak or Price.

    Habs fans should not complain. BTW start Halak on Friday if you want to win.