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  • Comment on Liveblog: Finally, a W! (2011-12-27 17:48:30)
    He was a Sens scout from 94-96. The same Sens that took Bonk with the #3 overall pick, then Berard with the #1 overall pick, and Phillips with the #1 overall pick the third year of his tenure. In three years as a scout, the Sens made one decent draft choice (stole Alfredsson in the 6th round). In a brief stint as Hartford's GM he did nothing special, as their coach he was behind the bench for 70 games and won 23 of those. Nothing there screams give this guy a job, forgetting all the nonsense he spews on a regular basis on TV which truly makes one question his 'expertise'.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Finally, a W! (2011-12-27 17:38:24)
    He did backflips about how stupid Montreal was to let the Leafs get Komisarek for only 4.5 mill or so.... he coached Hartford for about a week, he was an assistant in Pittsburgh and hated some guy named Mario Lemieux who he would just as soon have gotten rid of..... there's a reason he hasn't had an NHL job in 20 years.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Finally, a W! (2011-12-27 17:36:27)
    Forgot Alfredsson, I'm sure I left others out as well.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Finally, a W! (2011-12-27 17:35:03)
    Speak for yourself, I know ten times as much as that clown and I'm just one of many on this site that could say the same.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Finally, a W! (2011-12-27 16:39:34)
    If they hired Pierre in any capacity, I'd become a Leaf fan.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Finally, a W! (2011-12-27 16:26:41)
    Heck of a team can be made off of concussion victims missing NHL time this year. In net we have Miller and Reimer with Montoya backing them up Crosby – Richards – Giroux Savard – Mueller – Skinner Coutourier – Gerbe – M Michalek Schenn – Niederreiter – Armstrong Laperierre Pronger – Weber Staal – Letang Pitkanen – Zidlicky Liles I’d darn near take that line-up into the Olympics and hope for a lower tiered medal
  • Comment on Liveblog: Finally, a W! (2011-12-27 16:25:44)
    This comment went in the wrong place.....
  • Comment on Liveblog: Finally, a W! (2011-12-27 16:20:16)
    Such as we already have a coach and it's not fair to him to even have this poll in the first place....
  • Comment on Liveblog: Finally, a W! (2011-12-27 16:18:10)
    Didn't click the link, I rarely do. Is this the Shea Weber story? This epidemic is getting depressing..... Players missing time with concussions this year include: Crosby, Laperriere, Richards, Gerbe, Niederiter, Savard, Mueller, Pronger, Giroux, Sauer, Skinner, Pitkanen, Letang, Z Michalek, Staal, Armstrong, Bortuzzo, Beagle, M Michalek, Schenn, Martinek, Zidlicky, Miller, Winchester, Montoya, Kruger, Reimer, Coutourier and Ullstrom Update: Add Liles to the list as well now... sheesh
  • Comment on Molson moves to clarify coaching move, quell language firestorm (2011-12-19 17:36:02)
    Discrimination is wrong no matter who is discriminated against or why they are discriminated against. If RC isn't a qualified coach, fine get a qualified coach. If he's not qualified because he's the wrong colour, ethnicity, religion, or language for a job that has NOTHING to do with any of that, it's quite simply discrimination and is WRONG. It shouldn't be legal and there should be an investigation if he loses his job based upon discrimination, the same as a woman losing a job for being a woman, or a black man losing his job for being black should have the same rights. Anglo coaches have lead the Habs to 17 of their 24 Stanley Cups so it's not as though they CAN'T be successful. This whole discrimination garbage is as disgusting as if the Yankees were to riot over the idea of hiring Derek jeter as a coach one day because he's black and we're in a white neighbourhood. Try to sugar coat it any way you want, but this discrimination has to END. No wonder the league doesn't care for the habs, with all this discrimination going on in this organization and around it, the Habs should be penalized draft picks for bigoted hiring procedures the way an NFL club that refused to hire blacks would.