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  • Comment on Vanek set to make Habs debut in Phoenix; Gorges returns to Montreal (2014-03-06 17:12:39)
    Gorges has always been giving criticism because they want him to be something he's not. They put the faults of the team on him when what he does and what he brings is exactly what we need from him. He's not flashy, he does his job and does it well. Yes he get pushed around and he won't clear the net that well but he's a beast on the PK and he is sound defensively and will step in front of any shot. He's been a warrior all his left and played with bad knee, one that needed surgery, for almost 7 years He is a warrior and he has been my favorite hab since the first game I saw him after being traded here. The good that will come of this is that people maybe will start to realize everything that he brought when we wonder what's missing.
  • Comment on Bouillon will be healthy scratch for Habs against Red Wings (2014-01-24 16:18:27)
    His comparable is Patrice Bergeron and he's pretty much the same except in the +/- and faceoff % department and he's 1.5 million cheaper. You don't trade Plekanec, it makes no sense. He's not the problem and if you trade him you create another problem.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 50 – Penguins chase Price, rout Canadiens 5-1 (2014-01-22 23:21:12)
    Based on the fact that the game was out of reach and LL busted his ass getting the puck to him, pacioretty should have passed as no one would have expected it.
  • Comment on Emelin, Diaz healthy scratches for Habs against Penguins (2014-01-22 15:34:25)
    So making, Crosby and Neal are going to have a field day in our defensive zone tonight. Fantastic :(
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 48 – Call the cops! Canadiens steal two points with 5-4 OT win (2014-01-16 22:58:19)
    Ah okay. Gotcha! :) Ya, I don't think we will hear too much from the media.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 48 – Call the cops! Canadiens steal two points with 5-4 OT win (2014-01-16 22:51:53)
    Ummm. He was criticized and made fun of by the vets. He said it in the interview and he said himself he probably won't do that again in the future.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-12-20 01:10:48)
    1)Patrick 2)Subban 3)Henrik 4)no idea 5)Richards
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 37 – Canadiens trounced in St. Louis (2013-12-19 18:51:07)
    Since he first got here I've always thought Gorges would eventually be the captain of this team but I would have no problem with Plekanec either. Patches is too streaky and doesn't bring it every game. Markov would be a strong silent type leader but I'd rather pick someone who will be around for a long time instead of having to change captains every 5 years or so.
  • Comment on Fans might need to adjust cable package to see all Habs games in new NHL TV deal (2013-11-26 13:40:57)
    Darren Dregger said today that he still had about 7 years left on his TSN deal so I would assume that McKenzie must be in the same boat.
  • Comment on Habs shake up lines at practice (2013-11-18 13:37:50)
    What's sad is that the Canadiens haven't won the cup in over 20 years, let alone made a significant push to the finals. We have dealt with mediocrity for way too long and people are frustrated, and they have every right to be. Are we slowly trying to get back to the glory days... I think so. But Therrien is a simple doormat, everyone knows it. As soon as you start questioning him, he gets on the defensive side and lets his real colors show. His moves and line combination are puzzling. I love Prust, just as much as everyone else here, but when he's on your top 2 lines, there's a problem. Therrien is not all to blame, he is in fact working with what he has. He's not trying to go for entertaining hockey , he's just counting and hoping the Vets will be able to win for him. They want a youth movement but one of the bright young stars, Bournival, who was fantastic very early on was given the role to get DD started and when he failed to do so, he's now gone invisible. Why is he not playing with Pleks anymore? What is he realistically going to do with 7 mins / game on the 4th line? The team and D need to bigger and stronger and we are hearing that we are trying to resign Diaz. Why exactly ? It's not for his offense and it's sure as hell not for his physicality. A serious package needs to be thought of and traded with a team, but I'm not so sure any team is that interested. Therrien has favorites and he's not even trying to hide it. His blatant and public criticism of PK is getting old. I'm all for tough love but a certain point when the media asks you if you would vouch for him for the Olympics and you say it's not up to you, but then a few weeks later the same is asked about Price and you vouch for him, it doesn't look good. Fans are worried because a superstar has been traded in the past and players like Subban don't come often. There are definitely positives and I agree with all the ones you highlighted, but those positives aren't translating to wins right now and they can't do it all. More then half is invisible most nights and it's frustrating to watch because they are wearing the prestigious habs logo. What's worst, is when you expect honest feedback from the coach, he doesn't criticize and straight out spews BS. I'm sorry but when you manage to muster 20+ shots on Cam freaking Talbot and most of those weren't even quality shots, and you go after the game and say that the effort is there, are you kidding me ? I , like most habs fans, are fed up but still root for the team and hope that on the night they watch, it's an entertaining game and gives some little glimmer of hope that we are on the right path for the future. Sadly, i'm now starting to sound like a broken record.