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  • Comment on Game 14 (adds audio): Bruins toy with Habs (2008-11-14 10:42:51)
    RetroMikey I find your comments intelligent and provocative. Good reading! I'm not sure what to make of the Habs this year. You're right on when you say the young guns aren't as hungry this year knowing they made the team. Possibly should send down/bring up to send a message. D'Ags has earned the chance. Like w Lapierre last year: when you're too sure of your position complacency sets in. I believe this is what has happened. Komisarek shouldn't be fighting. He should "CONCENTRATE" on his job as a defensive defenseman, NOTHING ELSE!! He gets rattled too easily and gets off his game as a result. Also, I believe the Habs should have a coach for defensemen. Remember Laperrière. Great coach for Ds. We can't do without one. Last year Desjardins was on all the talk shows waiting for the call that never came. He was in training camp in Philly helping their D. Carbo SHOULDN'T have said his team was perfect when he should have said: "ok boys, we're on the right track. Let's continue vs Boston and Philly this week." Maybe after two or three more GOOD games, he could have sent flowers, but not otherwise. Big mistake. Carbo looked more like a former player than a head coach. A little too cocky and sure of himself. Also, we have to lay off elevating a player after one or two good games. The road will be a long one what w so much parity in the league this year. This means a pat on the back, nothing more when a player gets on a good streak. And this should apply to all the players. Obviously Laracque should do what he's here to do. The defense should clear the front of the net. They call this BEING RESPECTED. We're not doing it! The goalies are young. Price and Halak have had more mediocre games than good ones in the past 6-7 games. They both need to learn more about mental toughness, especially Price. Too much hype goes to the head, I say. The team has to stand up for ea other. It ain't happening, aside from Bouillon defending Lapierre the other night. But, the glaring weaknesses have to be addressed. -4th D, the 2 Ks not producing, maybe breaking up Gorges and Bouillon and putting Gorges as 4th. He'll do much better than O'Byrn, OVER THE LONG HAUL. -Lang, I really don't know. I think it's more a question of getting his line to play as a unit. Same w the other two lines, despite individual statistics. It is a TEAM game after all. -Price and most of the players are TOO relaxed. No urgency it seems. We can always rely on our talent. The truth is that it isn't going to work. Julien, if he had coached in Montreal as he is in Boston, wouldn't have been canned. He's evolved as a coach and has his team playing strong defense with excellent players up front contributing offense. His players are playing on the edge, Carbo's aren't. Huge difference. -Maybe it's time to bring up Weber and make a specialist of him. Don't know for sure. Or maybe bring up Henry, big and strong D man to protect the front of the net. The good news is that all this is happening very early in the season. Much time ahead to deal with it. Regards, Georges D
  • Comment on Habs leading all-star voting … by a lot (2008-11-13 13:25:40)
    I've continued voting since noon hour without any delays. Perhaps you should log out and log in again. Read my post below: for ex. try voting via French voting. I've been successfully doing it for over an hour. Best of luck, GD
  • Comment on Habs leading all-star voting … by a lot (2008-11-13 12:34:49)
    Just thought I'd add my 2cents, no pun intended two cents. I've registered with All-Star voting. Took quite a bit of time. It had trouble accepting my P code, even after I added the space. I had to re-index it a couple of times for it to work. So: 1. Be patient. 2. Go to the French vote site, it seems to permit multiple, consecutive postings. I'm at my fifth, no wait between votes. Could be there is less traffic. Who knows. Or go Intnl or USA. 3. Don't feel guilty about multiple votes. The six Habs who'll start the All-Star game next year will be representing 100 years of Habs history, unparalled in sports history. 4. Take your time and give yourself enough time. Don't try to do it in 2-3 minutes. Just to register, incl lag time, it could take 10-15 minutes there alone. 5. Don't feel sorry when you see Lecavalier below Kovalev and want to vote for a Quebecker who's one of the best. Kovy is too!!!!!!!!! 6. Sip a coffee or a tisane or smoke a j..t between waits. 7. Keep your connection open so you don't have to log in anew. Enjoy, Georges D BTW: you might have noticed that I changed my image from Lats to the FAB 6.
  • Comment on Balsillie totally denies pursuit of Habs (2008-11-08 11:12:37)
    At CKAC there are two audio interviews Michel Villeneuve and another broadcaster made with the two journalists at La Presse. The comments attributed to Balsillie were made after the formal part of the interview. And they were unsollicited by La Presse. I have absolutely no reason to doubt of the veracity of his comments about the Canadiens. I honestly believe he became over-excited about the issue and simply said more than he should have. In retrospect, he regrets and has apologized but, as we say in French "le mal est fait!". The comments he made were made after the formal interview, in the hall leading to the elevators. So I doubt there is a taped recording of it. However, the main journalist is publishing her write-up today in a financial publication. Just thought it important to clarify what the +15-20 minutes of audio aluded to. Regards, Georges D
  • Comment on Balsillie totally denies pursuit of Habs (2008-11-08 11:06:38)
    I'm pleased to be of help. Later in the game I went to live radio at CJAD w Murray Wilson and cohort and found that the 2-3 second delay was liveable. So I turned off the feed audio and listened to the p by p at CJAD. At intermission, I then went back to CKAC for Danny Dubé's comments: he's the absolute best analyst. Regards GD
  • Comment on Balsillie totally denies pursuit of Habs (2008-11-07 19:15:45)
    In case some of you are looking for the best feed for live streaming NHL and other sports. Absolutely the best image quality with "local" commenting, ex. tonight it's Blue Jackets commentators calling the game. Can't sync w CKAC since there is a delay. Go to . Best regards, Georges D Go Habs Go!
  • Comment on Farm report (2008-11-05 21:10:49)
    Glad I got it right. When I type too fast and get verbose at the same time, I somtimes skip some of the logic. Txs for putting me back on track. Georges D
  • Comment on Farm report (2008-11-05 16:21:33)
    Interesting read about the Bulldogs. I'm pleased to see Desharnais signing a 2-way 2 year contract. He's 3rd in scoring, playing on a 3rd line w Ryan Flinn & Ryan White. He's not w Pax or D'Ag. He also plays the PP & PK. Quite impressive. BTW, Danny Dubé just said on CKAC that he wishes the Habs let the players decide who gets called up. He cited Desharnais and Maxwell, one a no pick and the other a high pick. Maxwell gets to play on the second line w Pax and Glumak while Desharnais is on the 3rd line w Ryan Flinn & Ryan White. Flinn is a big bruiser. So Danny D wants to let the players decide who earns the eventual call-up. A similar comparison could be made between Pax and D'Ag. D'Ag is performing better than Pax of late. If the Habs call up Pax leaving d'Ag back when the other is doing better, it's like sending the wrong message. But judging from Carbo's comment yesterday about SK, he and his coaches aren't blind. They see what gives. What Danny D didn't say is what I suggested in an earlier post a couple od days ago: Desharnais on the fourth line at center w Lapierre on wing. It's not gonna happen this year but it might eventually bring more speed and physical play w Lapierre on the wing, a more natural position for him possibly despite his face-off percentage of 53-55. Desharnais, like Carbo, had a prolific junior career. Just thinking out loud eyes wide shut. Good read re. Denis who could come up if BG decides to go for a 4th D and use Halack as trade bait. Melanson is working real well w the 2 keepers. Desjardins is waiting in the wings if needed to up his game. In the past two years, we haven't had the Bulldogs and the Habs competing w the best in both leagues. This is very significant. I can't imagine how some of the Habs regulars are feeling with "les jeunes loups" breathing down their backs. Lever and Carbo couldn't ask for better! Best regards, Georges Drouin
  • Comment on Farm report (2008-11-05 16:27:46)
    I don't see how you hate Carbo if Pax needs more seasoning. He himself admits it in the commentary. He's still wet behind the ears and is learning humongous each game out. When he gets his chance, Lever-Carbo will be on the right channel. Also, as I've said before, you can't ignore a player who is essentially the best player in Hamilton, D'Agostini. He's put in two full years prior to this one. And he's leading his team. GD
  • Comment on Farm report (2008-11-05 16:23:59)
    A hell of a punch. GD