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  • Comment on Canadiens mess the bed vs. Maple Leafs (2008-11-09 00:38:46)
    This team is no longer bearing down like they did last year. As soon as they believe their own press clippings they stop working, resulting in getting spanked by less talented but hard-working teams. I hope Carbo whips these guys so hard that they'll be puking their guts out. Sickening!
  • Comment on Headline of the day (2008-11-04 19:54:02)
    We're Cup contenders now. Imagine we trade Halak and Price goes down with an injury for an extended period of time. Would you feel comfortable with Denis in net? I wouldn't. And who goes in if Denis is stinking out the joint, the trainer? Desjardins and Lacasse aren't ready.
  • Comment on Press review (2008-11-03 15:54:54)
    My team, the fans that think as I do...not you, no, from my point of view, you don't really figure into the analysis.
  • Comment on Press review (2008-11-03 09:33:50)
    There seems to be a discrepancy between what has already been reported and what Valentenko was claimed to have said. I say claimed because truth is hard to come by in Russia. We were led to believe that Pavel had signed a 3-year contract yet, he himself said he could be back next here next season. Someone in the Habs organization should get this cleared up. I don't blame Valentenko for wanting to make more money to support his family - things are different in that part of the world. I also don't blame our organization for not having him up with the big club if he's not yet ready. I'm just really frustrated that this is our 3rd Russian prospect to opt to return home. This situation needs to be resolved soon.
  • Comment on Game 10: Canadiens win in stunning comeback (2008-11-02 00:24:01)
    I watched the game on the Islanders feed. In the 1st intermission, Stan Fischler said that he doesn't like Price. He called him arrogant and he thinks Carey's a "stiff". If I hadn't heard it with my own ears, I wouldn't have believed it.
  • Comment on Game 10: Canadiens win in stunning comeback (2008-11-01 23:49:14)
    Awesome comeback win, but the Habs should never have been behind by 3 goals - to the Isles, no less. Laraque looked awful and I thought he lost that fight.
  • Comment on Game 10: Canadiens win in stunning comeback (2008-11-02 01:03:12)
    Yup, Laraque lost that fight!
  • Comment on Game 10: Canadiens win in stunning comeback (2008-11-02 00:52:18)
    I think Fischler was referring to Carey being seemingly aloof (we call it calm) and the fact that he has let in some weak goals. He did it again tonight, losing a wristshot for, I believe the 4th Islander goal.
  • Comment on Game 10: Canadiens win in stunning comeback (2008-11-02 00:45:32)
    You're right...I was paraphrasing.
  • Comment on A number 4 – with a bullet – D? (2008-11-01 10:38:07)
    I LOVE THIS TEAM!!! Is anyone else as excited about this season as I am? I mean, we're not yet playing our best hockey - bad game vs Anaheim - yet we're 7-1-1! Last year our Habs actually surprised me, as they surprised a lot of teams, but this year it just feels different. I grew up watching God's team being expected to win the Cup every year but the last decade had been a painful one for me, until 2007-08. The high expectations have been returning slowly, and though the competition is more fierce than I remember it back in the 70s, I also think that the wins are more satisfying than they were when the Habs dominated the league. Yes, it's great being Canadiens' fans, once again!