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  • Comment on Update: Valentenko bolts Bulldogs, signs for three years with Moscow Dynamo (2008-10-30 14:39:03)
    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Guy is a difference maker, far from it, but show me someone else in the NHL that gets paid what he does, gets the same ice time, and gets more points... my guess is you might find one guy. he is great at the price we have him at at for his spot in our depth chart he gets us enough points. And I agree that Benoit is horrible, he is in love with Guy!
  • Comment on Update: Valentenko bolts Bulldogs, signs for three years with Moscow Dynamo (2008-10-30 13:36:18)
    I don't understand why people are still on this guy. Latts had the most 5 on 5 goals on our team last year. He has scored 30+ goals in his first 2 seasons in the NHL by the tender age of 20 or 21, and that playing 3rd or 4th line minutes! With the way Gainey conducts business how can anyone say that if this guy was not French that he would be playing in Hamilton... the players on our team are here for a reason and that is because Bob thinks this is the best squad we can currently ice. So everyone should get off this guys back! He is a Hab let us not forget, we should chear for all our players!
  • Comment on Audio: Canadiens roster shaping up (2008-10-08 19:36:59)
    And people say the media is bad, come on guys, this is our team, lets give them a chance to gel. Look at our first two lines, these guys are going to rack up the points. Defense is covered with our top 4, so what if breezer is playing, there are much worse defencemen around the league than him. And let us not forget about Carey, he will win us games singlehandedly. Have confidence in Carbo, he knows a heck of a lot more about hockey then anyone of us... Go Habs Go!