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  • Comment on Habs will clear out lockers Saturday in Brossard (2014-05-30 19:27:58)
    I have enjoyed reading and being a part of this site, but I have to say myself and all my family were pissed and upset about last night's loss.. We couldnt believe the lack of jam by most of the guys..IMO Vanek wanted to play last night but MT never let him out of the dog house which I think was a mistake..maybe tooo late.. I guess we can say we were out of gas but that is a very cheap excuse..Bottom line is were have a get bigger faster and younger, backend and front end..Weiser is extremely effective because he can skate, so can Borky they were overall out best forwards. I am glad Borky broke out, hang on to both of them for next year.. Eller Weiss and Borky would be a nice line, size speed and finish. PLeks and a hard worker but struggles when the going gets tough, Gio and him never gelled all year.. DD needs a RW with size, play Gally with Chucky, On D Emelin had a off year, Markov really struggled in the end playing way too many minutes for his age..Franky has to be done, bring back Weaver, Gorges and him could be 5,6.. PK has to be signed he needs a solid partner ?? MB has work to do, bringing this team to next level.. Overall great season but very disappointing to loose that way last night.. Got to go now GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-26 09:09:51)
    WOW we had that game in our grasp and let it slip away,, 1/2 inch on chucky's shot to the bar and we win.. The HABS have been playing dazed and confused hockey most of the series.. Tokar is the best player and he is a AHLer..not sure what that tells us..but I cant believe the lack of compete in many on this team..I could name names but there isnt enough room on this site.. Put it this way I think I can count on one hand how many HABS are carrying their weight on the ice.. MB has a lot of work to do when the season is over.. We have to play desperate hockey Tuesday or we are golfing ..seems like most of the team has decided to shine up the clubs.. I am so pissed,, dont mind loosing but this way really does stink.. Every player that goes over the boards Tuesday has to leave it all on the ice..Shift after Shift..no tomorrow.. Home crowd will give us a lift for sure.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Conference Final Game 4 – St. Louis scores in OT, pushes Canadiens to the brink (2014-05-25 23:51:17)
    Tokar was our best player...what does that say..he was unbelievable..what a GEM.. thought DD came to play was involved in the OT miscue but was on 79 who was toooooo softtttt on the puck..why a shitty backhand clear..use the forehand and the puck is out.. the guys are playing for contracts and they look like AHLers vs NHLers...hope mr. GM is taking notes.. Are the rangers that effing good..or what..Zucarlli looks more like a rat Marchand every game.. Hockey is a game of mistakes and we make 5 times more than the rangers..panic type stuff.. Franky scored a nice one other than that he wasnt in the game.. PK had many times for the one timer but he seems to refuse to shoot, not sure why..he does it and scores.. One day off..and back at it.. We have to play like we are playing the BRUINS.. were did that game go.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-23 09:11:36)
    We have to keep playing Beaulieu he made no more mistakes than a few of our vets, no other Dman can skate like him.. PK was lost last night, all passengers have to get on the damn bus for Sunday and kick some ranger ass..I think the hate is building which is what we need..Prust was great.. Vanek was the first guy off the bench to congrat Chucky good on him..lets hope he gets going quickly like Sunday We cant watch the rangers in our zone move the puck like they are on a power play, I knew eventually the puck was going in our net..force the play..play aggressive not passive thats how we beat Boston.. If Kreider goes near Tokar flatten him, he is dirty.. cant wait for Sunday.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-20 09:36:03)
    If Vanek isnt injured he is the biggest plug I have seen in a HABS jersey..We have to find a way to beat Lunquist..still need more traffic in front deflections, screens,, if he cant see it he wont stop it.. A lot of the vets on the HABS have been no shows in the series..same guys on the ice for many goals.. The youth have carried the team..time for the vets to show up,, I mean the forwards.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Conference Final Game 2 – 3-1 loss drops Canadiens into 0-2 hole (2014-05-19 23:26:53)
    does Vanek have a broken hand or something he wont shoot the puck..he had a step on a ranger just Lunquist in his way and he passed off to a forward think it was chucky that was heavily covered..all he had to do was drive the net ..WTF is up with him.. see this type of play all the time with him lately..no shot.. we have to get dirty goals on Lunquist.. tweek some lines.. only DD line was creating much offense..way to nice to Kreider and lundquist..MB needs to find a gritty net front guy ..only Gally likes to hang out there.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on Habs’ Price out for rest of Rangers series; Tokarski reported to start Game 2 (Video) (2014-05-19 15:52:46)
    I hate to see Pricey go down,, the play was totally deliberate..feet up not avoiding anything..He should have been run at the rest of the game.. Tonight we should be in Lundquist grille big time..If I was the coach he would have been knocked on his ass game was over who cares..We can beat the rangers with backup in net..Have to get traffic at the net,,.. Vanek has to step up big time, play him with DD and Max..Emy needs to throw the body if Kreiders head is own lay him out.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on Habs have to be better for next game, Subban says after 7-2 drubbing by Rangers (Video) (2014-05-18 09:55:48)
    IMO they need to reunite Vanek with DD and Max for more offense.. the rangers play a total collapse game in their own end..basically playing 5 goalies in front of Lundquist.. If that was regular season and Price gets runs like that the player would get pummelled and he should..skates first way to dangerous a play..hope Carey is ok..interference penalty for sure.. HABS were sleeping and hungover from the Boston win..they will be better, Rangers are a very good team we have to elevate our game.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-11 09:28:05)
    that was a dreadful game from my HABS..why does the coach MT not make in game adjustment when things are going very poorly..I dont understand that kind of coaching,, Vanek cant play with Pleky..Gally is too small to play with DD please put Vanek back on that line..now MT can talk about no intensity..horrible game to watch..brutal penalty killing..the Vets on this team were crap.. Boston was rolling even their 4th line outplayed whoever they played against.. Monday we have to play better..not really that hard to do after that one worse playoff game I have seen going back to last year.. Balls out next game boys..no point saving yourself..coach MT has to make the adjustments for success..last two games have been poorly played and coached.. Play the next game like its your last!! GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on Certain Habs need to increase intensity level, Therrien says (with video) (2014-05-10 11:08:37)
    lack of intensity, not even close to being correct.. how many fans would have thought we would be even at 2..Boston is not Tampa with subpar goaltending..maybe the best NHL team this season and we are hanging with them..tonight is a big test..I would put the DD line back together and try to generate more offence..the D men have been doing a great job I wouldnt change a thing..get Subby out with the DD line as much as possible to create more offence.. GO HABS GO!!