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  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Ducks preview: Parenteau, Malhotra healthy scratches (2015-03-03 17:55:29)
    I am moving on from the SEKAC-DSP trade..cant say who won now ..SEKAC for some reason wasnt fitting in and not playing so I dont see the big loss for the present..we are in the now and have to get ready for a tough finish to the reg season ..DSP seems to need conditioning, jury is still out, he scored 5 goals in playoffs last year.. I had to stream the game last night so I gave up, thanks to Rogers-NHL for the blackouts.. The teams in the EAST beefed up so I think MB was correct to add some size with speed yesterday.. The RANGERS have scary good DMEN they will be tough in the playoffs.. Hopefully we are healthy and the lines are set for the stretch run to the playoffs.. Want to see FLYNN and MITCHELL asap lets see what they bring.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on Habs trade Jiri Sekac to Anaheim for Devante Smith-Pelly (2015-02-24 14:38:45)
    I love this move by MB, SEKAC has huge upside but now he really isnt in the teams plans.. I can see him 2 and 3 years away making some noise.. DSP has some weigh to him and he should be diificult to play against in the playoffs, netfront presence on the PP, right shot and tough on the walls and corners.. And cheaper than SEKAC.. MB gets it!! the time is now to make a charge, the EAST is up for grabs!! GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-19 09:05:10)
    Morning All,, How many rookies goalies get their wins vs the HABS?? Answer too many.. Our guys should be licking their chops with that chance, but again they let down and the rookie looks like a hero.. Really glad TINY gets his chance he deserves it..it took way to long to bring him up..hope he has a good night.. MB has to be ready to make a deal,,this team needs a tweak or two..one dman and a forward would be sweet.. Tougher dman to protect Carey.. IMO we take a run at it now CAREY is zoned it big time lets go for it..you dont always have years like this, IMO time is now to make the cup run.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-13 09:10:45)
    Morning All,, I agree with Sholi,, Sekac on the PP good stuff from MT and Rosey some PK time,,great,, I like what I see from these kids.. Still the HABS confuse the shit out of me..why loose to all the bottom teams..Can we not be motivated to play most nights, total lack of effort..4th line came to play past that I fell asleep.. PK has to figure out what to do when he gains the blue line, his rushes most times go nowhere..put that deke move away he uses it to much..too predictable.. He is becoming very ineffective as a shooter, I see him waiting to shoot then the lane is too crowded.. He can shoot and hope for a rebound or deflection..hit the net you dont have to score on every shot.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Bruins preview: It will be Price vs. Rask (2015-02-08 12:17:33)
    HABS should get some PP time tonight, lets make them pay..try for 40 SOG.. If it is Subban in the net..he should be nervous shoot the puck from everywhere, make him stop it.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Bruins preview: It will be Price vs. Rask (2015-02-08 12:09:09)
    I would bring the Weav for Gilbert to play with Emey..MM in is a good call for DZONE faceoffs..Bourny should be hungry maybe insert him?? GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-08 10:05:30)
    Hey Dipsy, Bettman wants us to buy the NHL package to see all the games.. most of the HABS games are blacked out in the GTA..only on the weekends we can watch on regular TV..my monthly bill is like a mortgage payment cant afford another $35 a month for NHL package GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-08 09:58:44)
    MT has to play Carey tonight he wasnt that busy last night should be good to go..Rest him against the Oil this week.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-08 09:45:50)
    Great job last night boys. Think MT should insert the Weav tonight, he plays well against Beantown.. Nice to see Eller breakout, 3 lines on the scoresheet good balance. Would like to see Sekac on 3rd line, he needs more minutes and should help Ellers game.. All round great game..PK and Markov were outstanding.. Nice to see the PP getting it done keep shooting the puck and traffic at the net same story for tonight!! Should be a great game tonight .. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens winless in February (2015-02-03 22:49:51)
    Team hasnt enough finishers..and miss the net..how many go over the net or wide..ridiculous..team cant score why not try to hit the net maybe a rebound or two..high and wide is completely useless puck ends up rimming and outside blueline..do these stats guys have any numbers of high and wide. I could rant for hours but have to hold back.. GO HABS GO!!