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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-19 11:36:46)
    Goodday All,, For the second time this week the game last night was blacked out in the GTA, I love the NHL and BETTMAN (joke). I streamed the game quality isn't great but allows me to watch. The game was sloppy and could have gone either way. HABS had several 2 on 1's and couldn't cash in. The finish wasn't there last night.. PACS hit was questionable but he dropped his guard watching his pass leave the zone. PK should have been on the wall waiting for the puck and the play would have been made. The officials are a C- at best. The calls and non calls are a complete joke. One ref did better job back in the day. They are glorified jr B officials that's it!! Hope PACS is back soon, we need Eller now to step it up.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-07 11:37:15)
    Yes I agree L Elle, I thought Price should have gone back to back vs Buffalo with a full week off. Last night should have been the Tokar. I think this team misses G Gallant more than we will ever know, Florida has fewer games played and only 7 losses they seem to be having a good season so far. Plenty of time to turn the ship around.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-07 10:02:24)
    Morning all, I could say GOOD morning but I am not sure it fits. Love the PANIC button great way to start the thread.. My finger has been circling the button, it is very hard not to press down. I didn't witness the game, but from what I have read coach MT using DD in a must win draw at the end of a period, is like filling your car with gas while lighting a match. That is a very poor decision by MT which makes no sense at all, and from the replay Carey has to stop that shot. If you look at the trend the HABS can't get it done at the end of the periods. Plain and simple your best faceoff man has to take that draw!! IMO when the NHL went to a two ref system things went downhill. The calls they make and don't make have everyone scratching their heads. Todays current refs are terribly inconsistent, they need to tweak their rulebook and start calling real penalties not this embellished crap. Glad to see MT finally change the lines, he has to do something to right this ship. I still cant understand why TINY cant play on this team. I guess it is better to lose with old vets then with rookies. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on Habs’ road trip wraps up Saturday night in Dallas (2014-12-06 11:33:40)
    This is parity at its best in the NHL, on any given night any team can win. Which I guess is a good thing but as a HABS fan it is hard to swallow.. I wonder if Tokar starts tonight he is due for a big game. Hope Chucky gets a full game in the middle he has earned it, like to see him on Ellers line with Prusty and Sekac. The team will miss Eller he has been a force all year. I wish him a speedy recovery. Big game for the team tonight!! GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens lose a heartbreaker (2014-12-05 23:44:15)
    HABS have to get a point in that one..MARKOV is very WEAK in his own end I am not surprised with the outcome ..sad to see it slip away they should have been able to hold on..Many times lately they have been scored on early in periods and late in periods that is coaching and who is on the ice..Didnt see Eller not sure what happened..PLEKS was invisible again, if he is #2 centre WOW I cant find him shift after shift..Gally and Chucky were making things happen..HAWKS have talent to burn can't understand how they fit all that under the cap..great management.. It is a good thing we won games early in the season..the Laffs could be ahead soon the way we are playing.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-04 09:19:20)
    I missed a sleepy HABS game..reading some postings glad I was unable to watch. How can this team play so poorly with no effort,,what is this excuse? I know it is a long season but WTF, is the HABS braintrust pulling their hair out.. Coach MT has to stick a lightning rod into some of these stiffs.. If Carey isnt standing on his head these guys lose. And lets be honest he has struggled with consistency this year, The team as a whole has been flat on many nights.. Many wins could have gone the other way, I dont mind losing but 10 shots after 40.. Is this NHL VS AHL, it is Minni and Suter isnt playing..that alone should have made these guys hungry.. I have to get to work, lets to the hawks are asleep on Friday or it could be ugly.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-02 09:33:40)
    great effort last night, nice to see come from behind with the BIG WIN.. Noticeable for me was PACS skating like the wind, he could have had 3 or 4 himself..WEISER was great doing it all he is really contributing at all levels..PLEKS line all getting it done..wish CHUCKY wouldnt always go top shelf glove and miss the net.. ELLER and his line were good, he had one bad miss which led to Briere scoring..SEKAC this guy can play,,PRUSTY also played great.. MANNY was himself great to start with the puck all the time, his line very solid.. I wish there was a stat on our DMEN how many times they miss the net,, pucks on the net create scoring chances, pucks that miss don't usually get screened or tipped in.. PK was PK great effort..Someone finally let him go, take the choke collar off him MT let him play and please shoot the damn puck more..his blast was a blurr,, need more of that for sure.. MARKY was solid.. but two bad gaffs up the middle..sweet goal and setup by CHUCKY.. GILBERT was solid maybe rest did him good.. Carey made some unbelievable saves to seal the deal.. DD needs a new skate sharpener or a different grind on his skates, he gets touched and he is down on the ice.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Buffalo wins again, this time in a Shootout (2014-11-29 23:48:06)
    Overall we dominated play but the Sabres buried every good chance they had..Tokar needed to make a big save and it didnt happen.. With Price having 5 days off I think he could have started both nights..Enroth did why not?? These games you cant afford 1 pt out of a possible 4..I havent seen Pleks this week..Gally and Chucky were involved but #14 wasn't a factor.. PK's best effort in a while..this team wont go any where without his game getting ramped up, tonight was a start..HE still needs a quicker release from the point and more traffic in front.. Eller's line was solid, they should be scoring more. They are having great Ozone shifts more goals to come.. Dmen are struggling in their zone,,tons of experience but seem lost at times.. Very tough week ahead, hopefully coach MT has them ready.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Bad bounce sinks Canadiens (2014-11-28 22:00:28)
    HABS didnt deserve the win tonight..playing against a weak team they looked flat.. 1st game since the stinker on Sunday and this is the effort..CRAP!! why would they not be flying tonight, I dont get it this team is a roller coaster..REFS stink but Emeys penalty at the end of a 1-1 game is a brain dead play..NEVER put yourself in that position..this team is totally Jekel and Hyde.. Carey was OTL on both goals..ONE game they play like champs next night chumps must drive coach nuts,, as a fan it drives me nuts watching..I dont want to hear bullshit excuses tomorrow about bring tired.. GO HABS GO!!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-23 12:20:31)
    Allen had a couple of gaffs but I think he gets a pass on his 1st game..overall I thought he did his job..Weaver and him make a great 3rd pairing ..not sure were Gilbert will fit in..expensive guy for a seventh dman..Maybe more moves on the horizon,,MB is being creative with his tinkering and he is building for a long run.. GO HABS GO!!