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  • Comment on Canadiens give Price day off after win over Stars (2015-01-28 17:58:49)
    Roy wasn't twice the goalie Dryden was. And he didn't win 2 Cups by himself. The '86 had a strong veteran core with Robinson, Gainey, Chelios, Naslund, Smith and Carbo in front of rookie Roy while the '93 team had plenty of scoring from Damphousse, Muller and Bellows to support him. Both teams benefited from the top teams being knocked out early. As for the '93 team, he was outstanding in net but so were the forwards and d-men who got clutch goals for him in 11 overtimes. You don't win by defence alone in OT. As for the stinker goals let in by Dryden, every great player has stinker games. Look at Orr's numerous mistakes in '71 when Habs won 7-5 in Boston Garden. To me, Hasek is the best I've seen but I haven't seen them all. As for Roy, yes, he was very good but he played on very good teams. Also, if he was so great why wasn't he nominated for national teams in international competition? There was somebody always ahead of him.
  • Comment on Price will be in goal for Habs against Stars (2015-01-27 18:01:57)
    It's not just the NHL that bears some responsibility for concussions. What about the NHLPA? Aren't they into "partnership" with each other under the CBA these days? If they BOTH don't want to slow the game down, if they BOTH don't want to get softer equipment, if they BOTH don't want to de-engineer the speed skates that they use and get rid of the heel lift and height, if they BOTH don't want to go back to reliable and cheaper wooden sticks that don't break at critical moments, then they are endangering themselves together. Even when Crosby gets hurt, they still don't want to change. If they don't want to make the game safer, then that's their collective choice. Remember the Olympian who died because they made the course too dangerous?
  • Comment on Price will be in goal for Habs against Stars (2015-01-27 17:47:16)
    Emelin is fine. He's a good buildingblock on the team and he's not slow. His problem is similar to other Russian players (except for Markov) who have lapses, get careless, lose their concentration and discipline over a 100 game season. No player is perfect. Emelin's reputation makes players wary of him on the ice, so take him away and you'll see the dropoff on defence. (Look at Boston without Chara) People see his mistakes but they don't see him when he manhandles forwards, dislodges the puck and moves it up ice. He's been really good down the stretch the past two years but has a tendency to get hurt, which meant that Bouillon had to sub for him against NY last year, leading to a failure to make the saving play on the winning Ranger goal.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-31 12:08:23)
    When Detroit won the Cup didn't they have an "old" Lidstrom and Rafalski on their top 4?
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-31 12:01:43)
    I agree. You don't bottom out if you're nearing the top. They're pushing the right buttons right now. They're in a position to make a move but it has to be the right move -- otherwise, just wait. Not signing Vanek was risky but it's worked out. The one thing I would have done was sign Stastny to play with MaxPac while relegating Galchenyuk to 2nd line and Eller to 3rd line. With McCarron, Hudon and De La Rose coming they will be close to competing with the west. Still they need one more Clowe-type player IMO. What's impressive is that the Habs are building a contender without the desperate need to make a deal.
  • Comment on Bournival will be healthy scratch for Habs against Hurricanes (2014-12-29 17:52:28)
    La Mancha, Habs could use more scoring but they are in a position of strength right now where they can wait. A guy like Perron would do but Clowe is the type of player who would be useful in the playoffs. Bournival is a solid bottom-sixer. He was consistently good for all of last year and in the playoffs his speed was really noticeable. Besides his speed, he is a fine checker, controls the puck on the boards, can pass out of the corner (it was his corner pass that won the Memorial Cup), is physical and has good size.
  • Comment on Game Within the Game: Sekac looking good in bleu-blanc-rouge (2014-12-22 18:46:24)
    Manny has been good on faceoffs but he doesn't offer much else. To me, faceoffs are overrated. They only matter if the puck ends up in your net. It's what happens AFTER the faceoff that matters: the puck control, the passing, the positioning, and the checking. If I were Therrien, I would use Bournival in that role occasionally because he would be the logical future replacement. Bournival played consistently good hockey last year and in the playoffs, and can play on a 2nd or 3rd line without disrupting the offence. I disagree with the notion that we do not have a 4th line. What we don't have are more McCarrons, Dela Roses, Scherbaks, Andrighettos and Hudons for the top 3 lines to compete with the big, fast, talented, physical western clubs.
  • Comment on Galchenyuk at centre as Habs prepare to face Canucks; Beaulieu called up from Hamilton (2014-12-08 15:51:25)
    They don't need more two way players on the top 6. They need more of some combo of size, skills and speed to compete with the western clubs. Desharnais has the skills but not the other two, which limits his abilities on the ice. Besides lack of explosion and size, he tries to play a big man's game by leveraging his small body against bigger players, which doesn't work, because defenders can reach around him and check him. His best advice is to keep moving, like St. Louis, stay out of traffic, go to open spaces, and shoot when his shot presents itself. Too often he passes up shots so defenders respect him less. Another weakness is that he holds on to the puck too long to pull a fancy move when he should just fire away. One move and shoot! The window closes in a hurry in today's NHL. MaxPac, Galchenyuk, McCarron, Sekac, Eller (or Scherbak), and Andrighetto (small but explosive with playmaking and scoring ability) would be my top 6 next year. Pleks offers very little on offence and is more of a 3rd liner while Gallagher lacks size and speed and falls down too easily to a regular top 6.
  • Comment on New Hab Parenteau can’t wait for training camp to start (2014-08-08 15:55:09)
    Patches doesn't get enough credit. You call him "Streaky Patches"? He was 4th overall in goals scored! Name me a player who scores that much and isn't streaky? Nobody can score today in the NHL because of the size of the equipment. As for Vanek, overall he was a disappointment but still he made some key plays at certain times but had no partner to finish his plays with on the 4th line. Habs will suffer from his loss unless Parenteau, Sekac, Andrighetto or Galchenyuk can make up for his 30 goals.
  • Comment on Subban wasn’t fazed by arbitration hearing with Habs (2014-08-07 12:43:24)
    Pleks isn't really known for building chemistry with linemates because he's too busy trying to avoid getting hit.