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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win fifth of six, 3-2 over Colorado (2014-10-18 21:05:41)
    he's among the best. and the best Hab: 14 goals on 27 shootouts for 51.9% Subban is career 0 for 3. Strange that Subby doesn't get that many chances. He is an elite stickhandler! PS - Pacioretty is underwhelming 3/16 for 18.8% 8th among active Habs complete stats:
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-10-17 02:58:36)
    Gilbert has been really good moving the puck out of the zone. I reckon our defence will be better than last year's one once they glue together. You don't need to block the shots when you move the puck.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win a wild one, 6-4 over Boston (2014-10-16 23:15:08)
    He already is a strong #3C with some occasional offensive flair. And that's fine, because we have Plekanec, DD and Galchenyuk for the top 2 lines.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens win a wild one, 6-4 over Boston (2014-10-16 22:58:39)
    So who is our next quality two-way 3rd line center with size and skill next season, if you can see Eller leaving?
  • Comment on A day off Sunday in Tampa for unbeaten Habs (2014-10-13 08:21:04)
    A player that hasn't been praised much but has very pleasantly surprised me is Tom Gilbert. A great acquisition, at a great price tag. He is obviously trusted by the coach as he takes mostly defensive zone starts, yet with Gilbert on ice we have more possession and more shot attempts as the opposition, so far. There is evidence of that. He may not look great on some plays, but overall his numbers look encouraging. Last year, Campbell - Gilbert was FLA's #1 pairing. This year, we have Subban - whoever as a great #1 pairing and Markov - Gilbert as a marginal NHL #1 pairing. Beaulieu will soon grow into a top-4 NHL defenceman, and Weaver, so far, is just as good as Josh Gorges (minus the rants on 24CH). Our defense is elite in the Eastern Conference. If the team stays healthy, we might just go deep again.
  • Comment on Will 2015 be the year Habs end Stanley Cup drought? (2014-08-22 00:10:47)
    I love the "too small" argument. Never fails to fail.
  • Comment on Will 2015 be the year Habs end Stanley Cup drought? (2014-08-21 21:14:24)
    Quick prospect update: Reway gets 0+2 in his first Europe Champions League Game, and he also scored in the shootout KalPa Kuopio – Sparta Prague 4:5 (after shootout) (Reway 0+2) highlights:
  • Comment on Defenceman Lernout, forward Audette among Habs’ six draft picks (2014-06-29 08:52:35)
    Scherbak has been invited to the NHL combine, but he could not make it due to visa issues. Therefore information on NHL's combine invitees webpage is probably outdated - it could be year old: He really looks about 6'2 tall so I reckon that's where he is at.
  • Comment on HI/O Show: Demers, Nilan talk Habs vs. Rangers (2014-05-21 21:40:28)
    Here is what Oto Hascak said about Reway. (Hascak is an ex-Slovakia team captain, now works as a scout for New York Rangers) "His stickhandling is a gift from God, lat time we saw this was when Ziggy Palffy was his age. Reway needs to put on weight and get stronger, even though he is pretty dynamic for his size. However, if he played in a game like the Rangers are playing now, I'm afraid someone would kill him with a hit. But Ziggy also wasn't a physical monster when he was 20. He worked his way up."
  • Comment on HI/O Show: Demers, Nilan talk Habs vs. Rangers (2014-05-21 20:23:36)
    In Martin Reway, we have another very promising prospect. In recent weeks he has shown that he already can play against men. He only had 3 assists in 7 games for Slovakia at the World Championships, but he was one of the top-5 rated forwards on our young team. They say he needs to improve one on one and needs to distribute puck faster. But all signs point that he already can play against top competition and apparently has very good offensive instincts, especially playmaking. Not a big winger at 5'10, but clearly has the skill. I was very disappointed we didn't draft Jordan Subban but I am now pretty happy with this pick (yes, I know Subban went 1 spot ahead of Reway, but it was in the 4th round)