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Favorite current player: Tomas Plekanec
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  • Comment on Price in goal vs. Sabres (2011-03-22 13:21:42)
    Dude - I logged in just to tell you this - don't ever post personal details like this on a forum post. The internet is forever and its really not a good idea. If you want to send contacts details to someone in particular email them or personal message them. From this post I can tell exactly where you live. I'm sure you're a nice guy but if someone ever has a beef with you for whatever reason - it will be easy to get your addy and # since this post will live forever in google's cache. Doesn't even need to be someone from this site.
  • Comment on And the band of brothers plays on (2010-05-13 08:12:17)

    Loved the HNIC Montage from last night specially the part where cammy is on the bench.

  • Comment on O’B scratched (2008-10-24 18:17:56)
    Looking at the site in IE - and a very annoying flash Hyundai ad and a Michelin ad are stacked under the post - the animation on the hyundai one doesn't stop after one go either - keeps repeating. Both ads are large and IMHO - not appropriate for in copy ads. Agree with below posters - off to the side if you have to.
  • Comment on O’B scratched (2008-10-24 18:13:30)
    Is it just me or did the layout break in Firefox 3? The white background isn't showing under the comments. I don't like the ads in the middle of the copy either. That animated Michelin one is distracting as well.