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  • Comment on Again, Tim Thomas (2012-07-27 10:48:57)
    Aybara - you're 1st paragraph reflects the views of many that are neither extremely socially conservative or liberal, including myself. And just to be clear, "GAY-hater" and "bigot" are not my words ... just pulling quotes. I should have quoted Boone more accurately by using "anti-gay" instead of "gay-hater".
  • Comment on Again, Tim Thomas (2012-07-27 09:41:42)
    What's just as offensive as Tim Thomas' beliefs to some is Mike Boone constantly injected his own political bias into a supposed hockey blog. So what? Does TT hate homosexuals? If you believe in the traditional definition of marriage as between a man and woman - does that make you a bigot or a GAY-hater? C'mon. "Free speech" ... provided you agree with Mike Boone's view of the world, else you are a bigot and a hater. Now I remember why I withdrew regular participation from this website years ago...
  • Comment on Can Guy Boucher coach or what? (2010-03-29 12:22:46)

    YES WE CAN!! - redistribute all of your hard-earned money.


  • Comment on Press review (2008-11-11 11:27:26)
    Wow - that's excellent video. The real question that needs to be asked is: based on frames 5 & 6 should TK have let up? The guy has his head down and TK is coming at him from the side. The real dangerous part of that hit is that MVR is 3-4 feet from the boards - he definitely put himself in a dangerous position. After that presumably, he turns his back to TK and gets clocked. Even if TK tries to let up at that point, Newton's laws of physics teach us that guy may very well be toast anyways. If I'm a D going back to play that puck I'm right up against the boards so a check bounces off of me, or I'm not turning my back to the oncoming forechecker.
  • Comment on Press review (2008-11-11 11:18:41)
    I'm sorry, but you cannot always stop on a dime ... it depends on where you weight is and where your edges are. When you are starting to lean forward to deliver a body check, it's hard to "stop on a dime" at the last minute. I guarantee you if VanRyn hadn't hit his face into the boards, there wouldn't have been a major and maybe not even a penalty. The only reason he was punished was because the guy was injured. I hope TK doesn't change his game at all.
  • Comment on Press review (2008-11-11 11:12:57)
    I haven't trolled all the posts, but why haven't I seen any discussion of a review of Grabs butt-end into Price's gut/groin? IMO, that was an order of magnitude dirtier a hockey play than TK's hit. I'm probably using flawed math there, because I don't think TK's hit was dirty in the first place, so there's no basis for what an order of magnitude greater is, but I think you get the idea. Not only did that pansy butt-end Price, he deliberately choked up before hand to make sure his glove was well out of the way. All I hear is that dork Wilson ranting in the press on how violent/dirty a hit TK's was. Hall of fame night and all, what did all the "kids across Canada" think when they saw the pansy butt-end Price with no punishment? For all the bias that comes out of Grapes' mouth, I have to thank him for pointing this out after the game ... otherwise, I wouldn't have realized it had happened.
  • Comment on Video update: Kostopoulos suspended 3 games (2008-11-10 17:26:01)
    Markhov's on-ice awareness and vision would not put him in the position Van Ryn was in in the first place. It was the hesitation and slight against the grain turn back that did Van Ryn in. Part of the problem is players turn their back into an oncoming checker to protect the puck and/or draw a penalty. What are you supposed to do when you are moving in to finish a check and a guy pivots at the last minute so his numbers are in your face?
  • Comment on D, D and more D (2008-11-05 16:58:29)
    "The coach would like to see him play more like Mike Komisarek: making good first passes, working on zone clearances and becoming a physical defenceman whom opponents dislike playing against" I agree with the zone clearances and physicality, but since when has Komisarek been a good 1st passer?? His best 1st pass is when he dishes it off to Markhov, but I don't think that counts. When he tries to move the puck (to a) forward, it's often a forced hard pass that often turns into icing or one that the forward can't corral. Am I the only one that notices this? I love Komisarek just like I love my wife (well, in a different way). And just like my wife, he has a flaw ... I won't go into my wife's, but his is bad vision and forced 1st passes into the neutral zone.
  • Comment on Update: Valentenko bolts Bulldogs, signs for three years with Moscow Dynamo (2008-10-30 10:35:52)
    "tarrana marble loafs" ... LOL. That's a new one and I like it.
  • Comment on Audio: Comments from the rehabbing Habs (2008-10-15 10:37:30)
    I'm just as big a Carey fan as anyone, but come on, that was a pretty easy save ... it just looked spectacular. He probably made several "more difficult" saves during the game.