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  • Comment on Newcomers in, Spacek returns, Emelin out (2011-10-24 13:01:40)
    No. I like Shea Webber and like what he brings to a hockey team, but PK is a homegrown product that can only get better with more experience and confidence.
  • Comment on Update from Team M*A*S*H (2011-10-08 09:37:48)
    Does anybody have a link where I can watch the piece on MaxPac? I was at the game and was not able to see it. Thanks
  • Comment on Canadiens sign Joe Callahan (2011-10-07 18:05:31)
    "Happy for TO"? give me a break they just won one game, and they missed the playoffs last year with a near healthy squad for almost the entire time. But somehow you think that they will be better then the Habs this season? I think the Habs will only get better once they develop chemistry, and TO will not be as lucky as they were last night even if they get their injured and suspended players back into the lineup.
  • Comment on Man the lifeboats! The Canadiens are winless!! (2011-10-07 08:25:29)
    I was at the game last night sporting my new Pacioretty jersey. The whole team seemed to disappear after they had dominated in the first period. We had an obvious problem with lack of finishing last night and our passes and plays were often out of sync (which I hope will only get better). My opinion of Cole being on the 3rd line is that he shouldn't have been at all. He should have started the night on the line with Plekanic so that line could develop chemistry, he perhaps should have even spend time on that line in the last preseason game. It sucks to have gotten shut out! When we got out of the arena the leaf fans were partying and singing as if they won the Stanley Cup, but I guess winning opening night is the closest thing they will have to that. Overall a bad effort by the habs after the first period, but nothing to panic about yet. Let's hope they will come out flying on Sunday because they are going to need it if they hope to defeat Winnipeg on their opening night.
  • Comment on Quick Hits (2011-10-06 23:41:34)
    I was at the game tonight and here are some observations. Both teams look out of sync and rusty however the leafs put that behind them after the first period and we didn't which was the main difference. The Habs passes and plays were off and out of sync and I do believe that Martin should have had Cole on Plekanec's line from the start of the game so they could develop chemistry. Would have been nice to see the Habs win however the season is still young and this is only game 1 still 81 more to play so I won't panic too much.
  • Comment on Multimedia/Update: Betts out with minor lower-body injury (2011-10-06 11:11:00)
    Going to the game to cheer on our Habs!! I will be sitting in the reds, here's to hoping it is a good game and we come out on the winning end! Go Habs Go!!
  • Comment on Canadiens’ Travis Moen back at practice (2011-10-04 14:13:18)
    Have fun and enjoy the game. The atmosphere at the ACC is not always the best but there are tons of Habs fans in Leaf land!!
  • Comment on Still winless (2011-09-21 14:17:44)
    I liked the play of Weber as well. I thought he was one of the best of the defense last night. The competetion on the blue line is really tight this year. I see Yemelin making it because he has an element that we do not have currently on defense in terms of physicality. However the big question is going to be who will sit.
  • Comment on Still winless (2011-09-21 13:45:44)
    I could not agree more! I thought for sure Yemelin was the more impressive player on the defensive pairing.
  • Comment on “Most physical scrimmage” – Martin; also Habs video (2011-09-17 14:30:15)
    Alexei Yemelin seems to be just what the doctor ordered for our defense this year. Hopefully he makes it because I would love to see him level a few Maple Leafs on opening day.