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  • Comment on About this amazing team … (2010-05-25 00:33:45)

    Ah, Benoit Brunet. The exceptional hockey player who was a legend in his own eyes. We don't care about his little hockey stories nobody ever pays attention to. We don't care about your dim-witted opinion. We don't care for you to be present when there's a hockey game on RDS. We don't care about you at all.


    But for the love of God, stop being stupid!

  • Comment on Canadiens sign Big Red defenceman (2010-03-30 16:53:12)



    I hooe she doesn't see this comment.

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-03-25 09:27:48)

    BadBalance is absolutely right. Trading him just because he's had a bad year is a terrible idea. It will show the lack of organization in the administration, and I will also lose respect over the team for that one move.


    If the habs know what's good for them, they'd keep Price.

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-03-25 09:25:19)

    Exactly. If Price goes to Chicago, I can guarantee he will win many cups before the Habs even get to see the playoffs final.

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-03-25 01:19:41)

    If Price is traded to the Blackhawks, then they become my first team, the Habs second, and the Bruins third. I'm making it public so that everybody can see it.

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-03-25 01:13:44)

    He's absolutely right. This year has been touch on Price, but next season, assuming the new GM is smart enough to keep him, he will have even more confidence, because he would've already been through the worst yet.

    He will bloom and explode next season. These rough times are only fine-tuning his skills to turn him into a machine that can be better than Brodeur.

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-03-25 01:05:28)

    Very sound advice. Where did you pick up that quote?

  • Comment on Game 14 (adds audio): Bruins toy with Habs (2008-11-14 11:33:42)
    I'm just utterly disgusted. I feel like we were playing playoff hockey against them again, and this time, they really whooped our asses! We had 28 shots, which means that every two minutes, we landed less than one shot. They had 31 shots, which means every two minutes, they landed more than one shot! But 6 of theirs went in, while only one of ours went in. Funny how Fernandez has a lot of terrible rebounds, and Koivu's goal was only because it bounced of Fernandez first. This is really going to shatter Price's confidence, and that worries me. The same guy who help take them out of playoffs has now let them toy us around, literally sweep the ground with us. But I'm not blaming Price fully. I'm blaming the rest of the team. No coordination, no proper game play formation, players were where they weren't supposed to be, and so on. Boston deserved to win it, as we we didn't play to win at all. We were just there so the other team doesn't win by forfeit on our part. And that Milan Lucic, what a player! I love the way he plays! Rough, gritty, fights, rouses up the other team, and still manages to land points on the scoreboard! It's like a Begin, but much better. Here's hoping to next game.
  • Comment on Ruutu gone for two (2008-11-12 18:43:12)
    Good! He deserved it. Doesn't seem the League is kidding around no more.
  • Comment on O’Byrne, B├ęgin, Laraque back in (2008-11-01 17:51:25)
    Guys, I miss the Summit already. A lot of great people. We have to do this yet again, and soon!! Go Les Glorieux!