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  • Comment on (AUDIO) Subban signs eight-year deal with Habs averaging $9 million a season (2014-08-04 19:36:57)
    And look at what other league commissioners make.. the man has grown revenue for the owners, and he should be compensated as such. Pro athletes and investment bankers aren't the only ones who get remunerated extremely well.. Hate him as I may Bettman has definitely been extremely successful in growing league revenues
  • Comment on (AUDIO) Subban signs eight-year deal with Habs averaging $9 million a season (2014-08-04 19:28:41)
    Once you reach 2000 will you finally stop spamming us with this nonsense? It's getting extremely tiresome
  • Comment on Fans pack Bell Sports Complex to watch final scrimmage at development camp (2014-07-11 16:31:43)
    I'm going to start a petition to have you stop spamming us with this
  • Comment on Habs development camp underway in Brossard (VIDEO) (2014-07-08 16:49:02)
    Dude... these posts are getting super tiresome Maybe we could let it go for a little while? I mean I get that you are trying to raise awareness but you're spamming the board now
  • Comment on The sound of one hand punching? (2011-09-04 00:14:01)
    Exactly my thoughts and very well articulated. I would also add BGL used his position on the team and fame that it accords to push an anti-fighting agenda while he was PAID TO BE THE FIGHTER FOR THE HABS! I mean come on... say what you will about him being a "stand-up guy" or a "really genuine person," but to me he'll always be a self-serving, spotlight-craving douche.
  • Comment on The sound of one hand punching? (2011-09-04 00:10:23)
    Ok it is his fault, because he accepted the job and did extremely poorly. Blame Tremblay too, because he was unable to shelf his ego with Patty. And yeah blame Corey for overseeing this mess as well as the Molsons for allowing it all to happen, but let's not act like Reggie didn't have anything to do with the mess... if you hire me to mow your lawn (qualified or not) and instead of pulling out the ol' mower I just take a crap on your lawn, it's still my fault isn't it?
  • Comment on The sound of one hand punching? (2011-09-04 00:08:04)
    BGL is a fool. Why do we pay attention to him again?
  • Comment on Sounding the death knell (2011-09-02 11:02:26)
    How could they not know the risks? Even before recent studies on concussions came out, we knew what happened to old punched-out boxers. Look, I'm not trying to defend the NHL's inaction against head hits, but to say that professional hockey enforcers/fighters don't know the consequences is simply ridiculous. Talk to Chris Nilan and tell me that the man hasn't taken a few too many blows to the head... it's like that with every NHL enforcer, so let's not pretend that it's a revelation all of a sudden. Yes, I would like to see the rules changed to enhance player safety and yes, I'd like the league to take measures to prevent the Boogard/Belak type tragedies. However, what I disagree with is the notion that both Boogard and Belak didn't know that they were causing their brains tremendous amount of damage. And saying that this is the only life they know so they can't go and do another job is like saying that you can't quit cigarettes because you're addicted. You know you're harming yourself, yet you keep going back to it. What's looking cool worth if you have lung cancer? What's an NHL salary worth if you're not mentally there to enjoy it? So to sum, we as fans should try to change the rules and culture to enhance the game, but in the end it's up to the Wade Belaks and Derek Boogards of the world to stand up and say "we're not going to do this anymore." Otherwise, things won't ever change
  • Comment on What can you buy for $405? (2011-08-15 12:13:41)
    Sorry Retro but that's the world we live in today. Inflation affects ticket prices too. If you don't want to pay for a ticket, that's your prerogative.
  • Comment on What can you buy for $405? (2011-08-15 12:08:35)
    I'm reading a lot of negative comments towards people in the reds... as someone who has had season tickets in the lower reds for years, I can tell you that there is no better place to watch the game than there. People know their hockey and yes, while a game against Atlanta will be full of corporates, EVERYONE and I do mean everyone who owns the seats is there with their wives/kids/friends and not business associates for those Premium games. Just because people dress up to go to the game does not mean they aren't into it or aren't fanatics. You don't have to be in a jersey and painted face to be a diehard