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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens are 0-for-California (2015-03-05 00:18:13)
    Well there is still one big change Bergie can make ... but of course he won't ditch his buddy Mike ... but if they are serious about a Cup run, they need to do SOMETHING other than picking up scraps from last place teams and ditching talent like Sekac. Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on About last night … (short west-coast edition) (2015-03-03 09:31:36)
    I can handle the one game stinker. The next two will tell a bigger story. If they repeat this in Ana and LA, we have a mighty problem on our hands, and it's too late to fix it. As for Flynn and Mitchell, they were two invisible Sabres all year, let's not hold our breath. Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on Jack Todd: Canadiens could win the Stanley Cup (2015-03-01 22:54:02)
    Did something I shoulda done months ago, checked out Michael McCarron in Oshawa. He strikes me as a very tall skilled centre, who loves to handle the puck in traffic, is awesome along the boards and behind the net, has a powerful wrist shot (never saw a slapper), good face-off guy, PK guy, lots of tools. Downside: plays like a 5'11" centre, not the 6'5" centre or winger that he is. He looks like he can add 20-30lbs of muscle, seems kinda bambi-like. A year in the Hammer playing Habs-style hockey should shape him into a pretty impressive force. I truly hope they don't deal him. Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Rookie De La Rose bags pair as Canadiens beat Columbus (2015-02-26 21:49:40)
    Mike: DSP is a right winger. Chucky is a left winger (although he really is a centre, but I digress). Let them play their wings. Pas compliqué. Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Blue Jackets preview: Smith-Pelly to make Habs debut; Thomas a healthy scratch (2015-02-26 12:10:19)
    Curious to see what kind of a mess MT will make with DSP. My hope (and I'll keep smoking the reefer) is to see him on line no.1 with Pax and DD, then have the Gallys with Pleks, then Eller with Prust / PAP, and De La Rose centering Bernie and Weise (takes a lonnnnnnng toke) - as if, eh? Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-22 11:12:29)
    I'm guessing Tinner is trade bait by now, thanks to Nathan's clear advantage. Tinordi, Sekac, Thomas, wouldn't surprise me to see a couple of them go in an effort to get a non-rental, top 6 F. And as much as I love 24 and 26, I'd be OK with that if the return is solid. Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on Canadiens vs. Senators preview: Tokarski, Pateryn, Sekac in lineup for Habs (2015-02-18 09:20:03)
    Habs cannot win the Cup with this forward group, so yes, they have to make a major addition on the wing. I'm less worried about D than others are (so glad we dodged Franson again). I'm also not convinced that Toker is the guy to give us insurance in the playoffs after jokers take runs at Carey. I would seriously look at renting an experienced NHL goalie whose team is not in the playoffs for a run at the Cup. Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-17 11:24:23)
    JDL is such a stud. Wow. Heaven forbid MB deals him for that sniper we so badly need. Sekac needs to come back in, he adds a threat that Manny simply doesn't have. Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens blow lead, lose to Oilers in OT (2015-02-13 00:07:55)
    Nights like tonight are why Pleks makes me apoPLECtic. His third period was why we lost, plain and simple. As my buddy said, "for a smart guy, he makes some dumb decisions". Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on About last night … (2015-02-11 09:18:25)
    The question Boone asks about whether or not we saw the Habs leading the conference this late in the year can be answered like this: What part of being in the conference finals a year ago with a similar group do some observers not understand? That is what this team is, a top two team in the conference, top 4 in the league. The question is: what can MB do to take us into the finals? (A genuine goal-scoring forward) Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.