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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-17 21:51:57)
    Beyond winning faceoffs, Malhotra gets altogether waaayyy too much (mostly useless) ice time for my liking. I would shed no tears if he took the odd game off. As for D, time to recall JT and see what he can really do over a 10 game stretch. We keep getting beaten to pucks and losing battles in the D zone. I mean the 'Canes were setting up shop in there like the Globetrotters vs the Generals last night (never mind what the Kings did the night before). The only good news was the 'Canes failed to execute long enough for us to win. But we should never have had to play rope-a-dope with that team on home ice. Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-12-13 10:18:04)
    So why does DD have a "legion of critics"? 52 G w/o an even-strength goal for a "first line centre" might have something to do with it, yes. He is where he belongs for now, and once Larry gets back, let's pop him into the press box where he truly belongs. Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on Habs’ road trip wraps up Saturday night in Dallas (2014-12-06 10:46:39)
    If Chucky isn't at C with Sekac on one of his wings, it'll be time to become a Leafs fan. Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-23 04:31:45)
    So tired of the media including HNIC and even M Boone making excuses for the Bruins; nobody forced them into their recent dumb deals like Seguin and Boychuk, Chara is ready for Freedom 55 regardless of his injury, and if their D has no depth, look no further than Bergevin for how to manage an NHL-ready D-corps of 10-12 bodies per year. No asterisks required; these aren't your older, meaner and uglier half-brother's Broons anymore. Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-21 06:33:52)
    I am a big Tinordi fan, so-so on Beaulieu, but for the first time since the debate on whether they should be up vs. AHL began, I am beginning to see things Bergie's way. Bottom line: Habs are after the Cup this year, as a team that finished in the final four a year ago should be. Allen and Gonchar bring skills and experience that the kids simply don't/won't have to *win a Cup*. That's the difference between this year and any other year. If this was MT's first year after the Cunney experience, OK, bring up the kids, of course! But it ain't. This is a Cup run. They're doing it right. Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on Liveblog: The losing streak is over (2014-11-20 22:29:15)
    Well there goes the "Habs not ready for prime time" narrative. That was fast. Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on Carey Price named NHL’s second star as Canadiens get ready for a busy week (2014-11-17 21:45:11)
    My spirit hovers around Toronto, and as such, I catch a lot of radio & tv waves. Amazingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, "expert" after "expert" on sports-talk-radio here refuse to acknowledge the Habs as being the best team in the sport, or even in the conference "Oh, Tampa, Oh, Pittsburgh, Oh, Anaheim, Oh, LA.... " Somehow, these "experts" have forgotten that the Habs made the semi-finals last year, ie top 4 teams in the NHL. And, they did nothing but improve since. Habs as underdogs, what a concept. Time for this generation to hoist the hardware, that'll shut 'em up. Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-11-14 07:04:04)
    Geez, people ripping PK for standing up to Lucic - something very few on this team have ever done - and for gracefully letting Old Man Gonchar take his place on the PP. He is the quintessential team player, and by season's end, when he's lifting the Cup and the Conn Smythe, remember this night. Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on Habs trade Travis Moen to Dallas for Sergei Gonchar (2014-11-11 14:09:54)
    Addition by subtraction, Moen had become just another leaky faucet. I'm not worried about a logjam at D, every year we go through 10-12 Dmen, we've been incredibly injury-free so far this year, but we're only through 15% of the season. JT/NB will each see 30-40 G at least by the time it's said and done. Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens are 0-for-November (2014-11-02 22:38:19)
    1- they've totally tuned out MT. Can't blame them. 2- Moen, like WTF, why is he still in the NHL? WHY? 3- Beaulieu is not an NHL defenseman. Trade him while he still has the "potential" tag attached to him. Play JT for a whole season, see what becomes of him. My guess is he becomes #3 or #4 D. 4- PK has 72 million reasons to not give a crap anymore. What's that you say there, coach? Sorry, got 72 million between my ears. Eat this. 5- Weiss is a 3rd or 4th line RW. Don't put him on the 1st line. What kind of lines is MT doing to make that kind of horrific decision? 6- Plek has already eaten up his quota for important goals for the season. He's back to missing sides-of-barns. 7- Sekac was all that and a bag of chips at game 1. Now what? Why? And why hasn't Bernie played yet? He was good enough for the playoffs last year... 8- AAAAARRRRGGGGGGGH Maroons Suck. #7 foreva.