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  • Comment on Markov returned to Montreal last night (2010-05-01 10:28:53)

    It's been a little while since I've looked at this, but if I remember right here are some reasons why we didn't buy him out now as opposed to at the end of the season:

    Even though we were half way through the season when we told him to stop coming to games and practices, if he were bought out it then it would be considered that he had 2 years left on his contract a what, 1.5 million each? So if we bought him out we'd have a cap hit for 4 years at 750k per year. Instead, if we wait until the end of the season he will have 1 year left, if we buy him out it's a cap hit of 2 years at 750k per year.

  • Comment on Photos: Carey Price’s new mask (2009-10-14 19:51:51)

    To be honest I'm surprised to see Worsely on here over Plante. Why not Dryden + Plante instead of Dryden + Worsely??

    And since we're (or at least I'm) being honest, Montreal has had too many great goalies, from Vezina to Roy, to just choose 2 and not have someone ask the question I did.