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  • Comment on Jean BĂ©liveau: True class turns 79 (2010-08-30 23:01:55)

    Happy birthday Mr. Beliveau. It is perhaps ironic that a man of your modesty will never truly realize how your greatness transcends the game of hockey.

  • Comment on Bandwagon loses at least two passengers (2007-11-26 13:16:23)
    I am so, so, tired of this. People should get their minds out of the 1970's. 'Superstars' and 'Franchise' players don't just fall out of trees. With a risky 18 year old draft, you either have to a long stretch of top 8 picks, a number one pick in a banner year, or get extremely lucky with a late bloomer. Otherwise, you have to hope for very good scouting which will provide you solid (not necessarily spectacular) talent, and a good development system. Well - guess what? We have the latter. Based on the young talented players being continually phased into this team - Montreal fans should be extremely proud of the 'potential' for this team. Yes, it's lacking the hugely gifted big star....if that's the biggest knock you have on the organization, get a grip. It will fall into place soon enough, but there has to be some patience.