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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-30 01:22:17)
    in fairness, i think he was speaking more to the fact that vancouver, winnipeg and toronto may have all had the final nails in their coffins for their playoff hopes. montreal seemed securely in a playoff spot so it wasn't like tonight was a make or break moment for us, so on the whole it WAS a bad night for canadian teams. However, it was a good night for the habs; good top line, and i think the back end is looking better, and should be fairly solid once gorges is back. oh yeah, and price proved again why he is one of the, if not the best, goalies.
  • Comment on HI/O Show: GM Bergevin’s new team culture paying off for Habs (2014-03-27 04:57:45)
    sorry but cannot agree with this. our team defense hasn't been that solid this year; we are 19th in shots against, even with all those blocked shots. That means that teams are having extended time in our own zone for long stretches. Price has been making our defense look good, we saw what happens when price gets hurt and budaj has to be a starter (we get a 3-4-1 record, with toker getting one of the wins). we also averaged 3.50 goals against per game, much lower than our season average of 2.49. I concede that we were facing above average competition during that time, but that cannot account for a full goal per game higher. Also, look how many playoff teams win because of the goalie: quick, ward, thomas, giguere were main the reasons why those teams won the cup; roloson was the only reason that the oilers reached the cup final, halak was the only reason we reached the conference final. crawford had to be lights out last year and i thought he deserved the conn smythe. also, look at fleury and how a goalie can blow it for a team if he's not good. Bishop has taken the lightning from 14th in the east to 3rd (with stamkos injured i might add). The goalie is by far the most important position. I agree our main issue is 5-on-5 scoring, but Price makes a huge difference to this team.
  • Comment on Next stop Detroit in Habs’ fight for playoffs; prospect Bennett signs (2014-03-26 20:43:50)
    I think weekes does talk about and pump the tires of the habs occasionally, he loves galchenyuk and gallaghar as players (who wouldn't?). He also quite often backs up PK when the panel launches their latest unwarranted/unfounded tirade against him.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 74 – Canadiens win ugly (2014-03-25 22:17:51)
    marky has been playing with a bit of an edge the past few games, I'm liking this. We looked solid on d, i know it was the sabres but the d looked good considering the d had to work their butts off last night with all the penalty killing and the hard forecheck of the bruins. And pricy made all the good stops he needed to, i love it when he gets a shut out.
  • Comment on Habs get day off in Boston before facing Bruins Monday night (2014-03-23 18:56:26)
    You know these guys on the podcast don't know what they're talking about when they didn't mention Philadelphia. Philly looks phenomenal right now. I think Montreal, Philly, Pitt, NYR and Tampa can beat the B's, not saying they WILL but they can... Columbus also has an outside chance. However, i think detroit is too beat up and goaltending hasn't been amazing for them this year(but i think they'll make the playoffs at least). Lookin like toronto might not make it, their defence makes ours look spectacular
  • Comment on Liveblog: Game 72 – Canadiens win a nailbiter on Plekanec goal (2014-03-22 20:59:29)
    PJ normally is an idiot, but he was bang-on about the toronto system/defense: way too unstructured. If I was a toronto fan, i'd be concerned about randy's/the defensive coach's coaching.
  • Comment on Bourque, Murray back in Habs lineup against Leafs (2014-03-22 14:59:07)
    he also pinches up in the play WAYYYYYY toooo much considering his lack of offensive ability and skating. If his decision-making was better, I would be much more inclined to like him as a 6-D.
  • Comment on Bourque, Murray back in Habs lineup against Leafs (2014-03-22 14:54:36)
    Also, compare the b's d to the habs, for us, filling out the bottom two pairing is taking the least worst, for them, it's like how it was on our Olympic team, can't go wrong with any of them... i hope this also shuts people up about gorges, clearly he's a good player for us. also, beaulieu needs to come up. i think are D will be better next year, emelin at least will be better and our young d should be up. still, wouldn't hurt to try and improve it in the off-season, d-men are so coveted/guarded by teams though...
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-21 11:41:41)
    You don't win ANY puck battles if you can't skate to the puck in time. We spend s much time running around in our zone unnecessarily when Murray plays because he cant retrieve the puck.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-03-21 11:36:07)
    Apples and oranges: Bowman was coaching the best team in the nhl (and some of the best teams in the history of the nhl) full of elite, veteran players. Therrien is teaching a decent but still developing team that knows the future success of this team will be with its young players, and therefore should be taught to play the game in the nhl.