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  • Comment on Video: Therapy day for Desharnais, Wisniewski (2011-04-25 18:13:21)
    Next years team will look something like this... D already signed: Spacek: 3.833M Subban 0.875M who i expect will be resigned: Gorges: 4M Weber: 1M Markov: 6M Wiz: 4.5M total: 20.2M Question Marks: Hammer Gill Picard Sopel Mara Fowards currently signed: Gomez: 7.357M Cammi: 6M Pleks:5M Gionta:5M Moen: 1.5M Eller: 0.787M Who i expect to be resigned: Pacman: 2M Pyatt: 0.75M Darche: 0.75M White: 0.75M DD: 1M AK: 3.5M Total: 34.4M Question Marks: BP Halpern Goalies: Price: 2.75M Backup: 1.5M Total: 4.25M Grand Total is 58.85M Spent The expected cap is supposed to be around 62M which doesn't leave much room for negotiating. The interesting part of the off-season will be the team's decision of what to do with AK. The only other way i can see us bringing in another top 6 winger is by not signing Wiz. With Markov back the loss of Wiz is lessened and by not signing him, the habs could free up around an extra 2M (2.5M to replace Wiz to get back to 6 Dmen). Pac Gomez Gio ? Pleks Cammi AK Eller Darche Moen DD White Pyatt Markov Spacek Subban Gorges Wiz ? Weber
  • Comment on To practice or not on eve of Game 82? (2010-04-09 08:56:55)

    Question of the Day:

    If the Toronto game is tied late in the third, knowing that MTL needs only 1 point will they pull their goalie in hopes of getting the w?