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  • Comment on Castoff Grabovski helps bury Habs (2008-11-10 09:59:48)
    I watched my first full game of the season on Saturday (streamed RDS Feed online)and it was as much of a disappointment for me as for the rest of the Habs fns out there. A couple of points - the biggest being Lang. Why didn't he stay in front of the net for more of the game. The Laffs were running Price all night so why didn't we return the favour with someone a bit bigger than Grabovski. For years we've needed a big man in front of the net for us. When he did, he scored. When he didn't, nothing happened. Definitely need another D man. RDS hit it on the head in the second intermission. The guys were making the wrong decisions with passes. And lastly - Demers needs to lighten up on Price. He was verging on contemptible in his disdain for his efforts. I thought he played well - not out of his skin - but well. Considering the garbage the Laffs kept crashing into him with, I was impressed.