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  • Comment on Not much time to reflect on Game 6 (2011-04-27 11:05:29)
    The biggest benefit coming out of last night is that the Bruins think they should have won that game and would have if they just stayed out of the box. Now they will be heading into game 7 timid about penalties...just like they were in games 1 and 2.
  • Comment on Painful to watch (2011-03-25 11:39:04)
    Isn't there a Bruins blog somewhere for you trolls to go? Oh no....that's right. That would require a hockey town. And I know - I live in Boston - nobody gives a rat's ass about the Bruins. How your sox doing? They're about to steal the spotlight.
  • Comment on Painful to watch (2011-03-25 11:36:24)
    Yeah - much smarter to keep "fighting the battle" - it apparently is working so well. Let it go. Luckily, Patch is going to be fine - hopefully back.
  • Comment on Painful to watch (2011-03-25 10:27:22)
    There's a reason why 80% of the hockey world have defended the hit and the ruling. Turnbuckle hits are nothing new. Listen, I was as pissed as anybody about the hit - I despise Chara - I think it was intentional and he knew what he was doing...but in the court of law, it's impossible to determine intent - and without intent, you can't say that hit was different than what happens 15-20 times a year throughout the league. Don't need to rehatch that here...but sometimes you need to splash some cold water on your face and get out of your own ass - own up to how you've contributed to the situation and see things through other people's eyes.
  • Comment on Painful to watch (2011-03-25 10:23:22)
    Team's healthier than it's been pretty much all year. Plex and Halphern coming back in this timing was unfortunate though. Not a game to be mixing things up.
  • Comment on Painful to watch (2011-03-25 10:12:36)
    Fact of the matter is, we've got nobody to blame for this but ourselves. We had the Bruins on the ropes 2 weeks ago - up 4-0 after 2 periods in a "statement" game that should have been a celebration of our complete domination over a team that manhandled us in Boston. We should have basked in the glory of that win much the same way that the Bruins fans/media are this morning. Instead we resorted to whining and bitching about the league's and the Bruins' mismanagement of a borderline call that was made a lot worse than it actually was because of an unfortunate injury. If we had just talked about the game, and not the hit...then the Bruins would have been the ones scratching their heads. Instead, we lit a fire under them. If you're going to play the victim, then you'd better back it up with some revenge...if you're going to play the victim and NOT back it up with revenge, then you are just that....a victim. That said, this is NOT on the Habs. They never called 911 or made issue over the fact that Chara should have sat for a couple games (he should have) - that was the media and the fans' job. They never called for his arrest or made asses of the entire city. Sometimes it's important to take a step back and look at yourself from a distance. How do you want to be portrayed in the media nationally or internationally? The Bruins used all of that as fuel to play the game they did last night. Question is....where are the Canadiens going to find their fuel?
  • Comment on Updates (2011-02-18 15:25:53)

    Rather have a rookie G come playoff time than an old man that's played over 80% of their games. Stick a fork in him, Thomas will be cooked just in time.

  • Comment on Round 3, Game 1: Flyers crush Habs 6-0 (2010-05-16 23:23:25)
    That'll really make Ovechkin and Crosby scratch their heads.
  • Comment on Round 3, Game 1: Flyers crush Habs 6-0 (2010-05-16 23:22:22)
    don't forget the utterly horrific penalty killing - just like vs Pens. We'll respond strong in game 2 or be swept.
  • Comment on Round 3, Game 1: Flyers crush Habs 6-0 (2010-05-16 23:19:07)
    Pretty sure they meant 4 vs Boston, then game 1 AND 2. That's 6 games in a row for those counting from home.