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  • Comment on Eller agrees to four-year, $14-million deal with Habs (2014-07-24 17:37:27)
    What would it take to get Yakupov? DD and a draft pick?
  • Comment on Habs, Bruins in battle for first place (2013-12-05 11:17:57)
    Now who would you sit for this game? Bourque is hurt, so that's obvious, but I would also sit Diaz and Briere as physically they don't match up well against the Bruins and probably could use the rest. Pacioretty Desharnais Gallagher Prust Plekanec Gionta Galchenyuk Eller Bournival Moen White Parros Subban Markov Georges Emelin Bouillon Murray Price Budaj
  • Comment on Brière agrees to two-year deal with Canadiens (2013-07-05 07:18:00)
    LOL! Looking at what the team has today I guess Therien should create a 3rd line called the Smurfs with Briere centering Gio and DD. Then Pleks can center Max and Bourque on the 1st, with Eller centering the Gallys. White on the 2nd, Moen and Prust can be the 4th. D pairings can be Markov-Diaz, PK-Gorges, Cube-Tinordi until Emelin is back. Cue sarcastic tone: Done... No need to sign anyone else. Playoffs here we come!
  • Comment on Bergevin finalist for NHL’s GM of the Year Award; Subban joins Team Canada (2013-05-13 04:01:07)
    Yup, a lot of work to be done this offseason. I agree that Price is not the issue, and a healthy, bigger, tougher lineup throughout would have made the most difference, however I don't think blowing up the roster is the answer. A few tweaks is all that's needed when realizing the Habs are really 3 years away from being serious cup contenders. With Emelin and Tinordi (and Pateryn as the call up until Emelin is back from injury) D toughness is there. Up front, right now the Desharnais re-signing looks like it was a mistake. If he can be packaged with Weber to somewhere like Edmonton for a prospect or 2, MB should jump at it (Paajarvi comes to mind). Also, how much would Ryane Clowe cost? 5.0m? Halpern and Armstrong should be re-signed for depth, but only if they will accept less than 1.0m each. White should sign for his offer sheet amount. This lineup would leave over 4.0m in cap space available: Bourque-Pleks-Gionta Patches-Eller-Clowe Prust-Gally-Gally Moen-White-Armstrong Paajarvi-Halpern Markov-Emelin Georges-Subban Tinordi-Diaz Bouillon Price Budaj Could the lineup be even tougher? For sure, but this is a multi-step process that will take a few years to work through. This year 3 steps forward and 1 step back were taken. That's still 2 steps forward.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-28 05:07:38)
    Looking back at last night's game and the numerous defensive zone breakdowns from a gassed defensive corps, (Hello Mr Emelin and Mr Markov) I think MT should slot Kabby in with Frankie, balance out the mins a bit more, and give Budaj the start.
  • Comment on About last night … (2013-03-28 02:22:42)
    Yup, Pens are scary looking, especially if they all get healthy. I still think Jagr, Clowe, and O'Byrne should be MB's target players. Jagr would fit in seamlessly with Pleks and Ryder, Eller with the kids, DD with Clowe and Patches, Halpern with Prust and Gio. 4 capable lines right there. Moen and Colby being the spares. On D, it's obvious Markov can't play so much, so they need to roll 3 pairs as much as possible rather than 5 D like last night. He was gassed so may times. O'Byrne would fit right into Tinordi's spot and allow the mins to be more evenly distributed. Realistically, Diaz, White and Bourque will not be back before the playoffs. Those moves would boost the team substantially without mortgaging the future and messing up the chemistry. What would those players cost? Weber, LeBlanc, a couple of 2nd round picks, and a couple of 3rd round picks at most. Totally worth it.
  • Comment on Re-Hab Halpern set to face Penguins (2013-03-26 15:41:22)
    Thanks donmarco... Yeah, Jagr would fit right in, and be relatively cheap, so no real risk with a potential high reward. He played the lock out own the same line as Pleks, and played with Ryder earlier this year. Clowe is a real intriguing case right now. Is he hurt? Is it just a funk that he's in? He really is the whole power forward package. If he's healthy, I'd grab him before someone else will.
  • Comment on Re-Hab Halpern set to face Penguins (2013-03-26 15:32:44)
    I actually think Kaberle has gotten the shaft a bit this season. The times I've seen him play he has been steady and unspectacular, exactly what you want from your 6th and 7th D. He is an experienced cup winner, been a total team player even though he hasn't contributed much, but can jump in and can play the PP point quite capably if needed. Fine, his contract is nuts, he's totally un-tradeable, and will most likely be the 2nd compliance buy out, but he should have played more so far IMHO. I've read 3 or 4 articles and blogs on O'Byrne from different sources the last couple of years, and one said point blank that the Habs gave up on him way too early. Basically, everything I've read says he's what everyone hopes Tinordi will be in 3 years time. After the last game it's obvious Tinordi needs more time on the farm and to play protected minutes in the NHL, however in the playoffs there's no such thing as protected minutes. With Diaz, Bourque, and now White out for a indeterminate time, why not make a bit of a splash and pick up some more character low risk players that could fit right in. Not a huge blow it up splash, but one that would make a tangible difference. One thing's for sure, there will be more injuries between now and the playoffs. Low cost coverage insurance is not a bad strategy.
  • Comment on Re-Hab Halpern set to face Penguins (2013-03-26 13:35:00)
    Looking at the moves the Pens made over the last few days, and knowing the Bruins will follow suit, most probably going after Iginla and a shut down defenseman, I was playing armchair GM and came up with 3 potentially valuable players I believe the Habs could reasonably acquire for the playoff run and not mortgage the future. Players who could fit right in and make an impact: Ryane Clowe, Jaromir Jagr, and Ryan O'Byrne. Looking at what Morrow and Murray cost, the total should be no more than a couple second round picks, LeBlanc, and Weber. Clowe needs a change a scenery big time (though there is talk he has been playing hurt), and would be able to go toe to toe with ex teammate Murray and Chara in front of the net in playoff match ups. Jagr would fit right in with Pleks and Ryder, and be another great veteran influence in the room. Blunden and Dumont could be then sent back down to the Dogs. Moen and Armstrong would end up being the spare forwards. O'Byrne, who has really blossomed with the Avs as a physical shut down defenseman, would fit right in with familiar faces, and allow Tinordi to head back down to the Dogs when crunch time hits. Just thinking out loud here. Who else would make sense to take a look at for a potential long playoff run?
  • Comment on Cunneyworth, Ladouceur join Habs coaching staff (2011-07-24 05:55:54)
    With these two joining the coaching staff, I see it at a clear sign that the organization will want to manage and develop the younger players on the roster more proactively, something Martin is weak at. I would not be surprised if there will not be another signing before training camp, and 2 or 3 players from the group of Diaz, Yemelin, Palushaj, Engqvist, Mitera, Nash, etc. will have legit chances of making the roster and sticking. Those that do make it will be handled properly by the assistants so that they grow to their potentials and make significant contributions, thus saving the cap space for later in the season as needed.