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  • Comment on Game 32: Canadiens solve Thomas, snap skid (2010-12-16 22:21:44)

    TSN reports: "Max Pacioretty scored his first N-H-L goal and added an assist in his second game with Montreal"


  • Comment on Subban sits, Habs lineup unchanged (2010-12-07 13:53:03)

    I'm a huge Subban fan and I look forward to him coming back into the lineup and "redeeming" himself however I think ultimately this is a good move.

    People bash the way Martin is treating the younger players and at first I agreed with them, especially in regards to Pouliot and Eller. But then after games went on, I saw how much these two players improved when the pressure was off of them and they could work on their games without having the constant pressure of performing as top 6 forwards every game.

    Coming into this season, as fans everyone was hyping Subban as the calder trophy winner, future norris winner, powerplay saviour and though he might become that someday it puts an unreasonable amount of pressure on a young player (it was the same thing we did to Price) and makes his mindset and position on the team appear a lot different than it actually is. Some of that excitement probably started to get to his head and affected the way he was playing, the fact that a mob of journalists come to talk to a first year rookie after every practice asking questions they normally reserve for seasoned veterans probably doesn't help the case either.

    I feel this is a good way of getting him back down to earth again. I don't think he's gonna be hurt by it ultimately, if anything it's Martin's way of letting him know that he's a young player who's expected to be in a learning process. When he comes back in, I can guarantee that he'll be playing upwards of 20 minutes a game and will have the full confidence of the coach like he did early on in the year. However you can't deny that there's been an unusual amount of bizarre attention given to Subban this year and, and though I think there are a lot of factors involved, he does bear some of the responsibility. I don't think it's as simple as saying that players on the team dislike Subban, but I'm sure many of them are at least a bit bothered by some of his behaviour, the altercation with Plekanec in practice being a good example. I don't think he'll be affected mentally by this, he has a ton of confidence and doesn't seem easily phased, but I think this process will make him understand his role on the team and ultimately he'll be better because of it. 

    It's also a good oppurtunity to build up the confidence of Weber and Picard, two players who we might need in the next few years with most of our defencemen becoming free agents next year, Webber especially given his offensive ability that we'll need in the future especially if Markov doesn't come back next year. What kind of message would it send to bench Webber after two great games in a row? He needs to feel like a valued prospect as well, you don't just put all your eggs in one basket and tell everyone else they're spare parts.

    On a somewhat related note, Picard is a guy who's really growing on me, I didn't think much of him at first, but the more he plays the more I compare him to Josh Gorges when he first came here. A guy who you don't notice much but does all the right things and someone who was able to find his game by coming to Montreal. It's also always good to see a hometown player excel in this market.

  • Comment on About last night … (2010-10-30 12:51:39)

    Does anyone think that Spacek might pull a Marcus Naslund and retire next year before his contract is up? He looks exhausted every shit, and I think by next year he might concede to having nothing left to give. This might just be wishful thinking though.

  • Comment on Game 80: Habs blow it on Long Island (2010-04-06 22:15:14)

    oh yea lol, so if one of the games goes into overtime, Philly will tie us and have more wins as well. This better not come down to the Leafs game....we all know how that works out.

  • Comment on Game 80: Habs blow it on Long Island (2010-04-06 22:07:36)

    We actually did clinch the playoff spot. Philly plays its last two games against the Rangers and at this point the Thrashers have no way of catching us.

     If the Rangers win all three of their last games they would have 88 points, but Philly would only have 86 having lost twice to the Rangers.

    If the Rangers lose one to Philly, Philly will have 88 but the Rangers could only possibly get 86 points.

    So yea, it was still a terrible game but we're in the playoffs for sure.

  • Comment on Game 67: Canadiens win, but lose Pacioretty (2011-03-08 17:21:53)

    Anyone else see the hyprocisy, when Brad Marchand, a rookie player,shoots his mouth off about an entire team, made up primarily of veteran players and no one in the NHL or the media affiliated with it cares to critique it, but when Subban alledgedly disrespects other players its a scandal?

  • Comment on Game 67: Canadiens win, but lose Pacioretty (2011-03-08 23:52:59)



    there's another angle in the last 10 seconds of this clip. You can see Chara eyeing the stanchion and extending his arm out as he pushed Pacioretty's head into it. He also could have easily just pushed him against the Bruins bench right before it too.

  • Comment on Game 13: Higgy’s hat, Price’s shutout lift Habs (2008-11-12 12:06:13)
    lol no problem, I thought I made it obvious when I said Olivier Latendresse should be called up. He couldn't even make the AHL, let alone the Canadiens.
  • Comment on Game 13: Higgy’s hat, Price’s shutout lift Habs (2008-11-12 12:03:42)
    I really like what Laraque brings to the team so far, especially last night but I really wanna see him pound the crap out of someone soon. I wish he would have fought Neil last night, there was one faceoff where I thought they were gonna go but I guess Neil chickened out.
  • Comment on Press review (2008-11-12 01:45:41)
    In between periods in tonights game, Benoit Brunet showed a similar hit in the Philadelphia game where the guy didn't get injured and got right back up after. The guy most likely won't be suspended. I think Kostopolous deserved to be tossed from the game, but a 3 game suspension seems to be related to the extent of the injury and not the hit itself.