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  • Comment on ‘Louis is disappointed for sure,’ Leblanc’s agent says (2013-09-18 08:59:27)
    not true....the bonuses over 3 years ended ...check CapGeek.com Hairy Harry
  • Comment on ‘Louis is disappointed for sure,’ Leblanc’s agent says (2013-09-17 23:06:13)
    If you look at the cap hit, it was a foregone conclusion that Louis Leblanc would start in Hamilton. The cost to the Canadiens at the season start is the obvious reason. If he shows he can play as well as he displayed in pre-season & more if he does so over many games, he will likely come back. Right now the Canadiens management do not want to drop a million plus, when they can spend in the $60 thousand range for Louis Leblanc to practice full time until he "perfects"....remember I think we should..... that this is a big business...the management does not think he is worth a million with no sure confidence that he will play for that value to open the season Hairy Harry
  • Comment on ‘Louis is disappointed for sure,’ Leblanc’s agent says (2013-09-17 22:59:28)
    Hairy Harry
  • Comment on The latest on Shane Doan (2012-07-23 12:22:37)
    so I don't know hockey? ... don't know who I am that's for sure nor how often or not I get it right.......You and a coupleothers make a time of it with constant chatter on these sites...as to your belief in the knowledge of Canadians fans, I differ....few really know anything about many importantthings such club's finances, character of the players, what happened in contract negotiations. what players have what injuries that effects their play, who pays what for injured players, what does Habs ownership actually make or lose or their budgetary aims & how it effects signings...They may be the most fanatic, loud, loyal fans, but nottoo knowledgeable apart from statistics...even there one has to wonder! Hairy Harry
  • Comment on The latest on Shane Doan (2012-07-22 19:35:13)
    This signing of PK is really taking to long for a loving relationship,,,, how about a Nashville deal for Weber for PK, maybe a Tinordi +- Yannnick Weber & for sure Gomez which helps the Nashville cap at this late time...plus Gomex I believe is good still and will help younger potential stars & help these young Nashville players enormously.....this dragging on event of the signing-non signing of PK shows it is not a love-love relationship PK+ agent + Habs,,,, despite PK father's love for the Habs & the fans believe that that is also PK's trip...the only sign of Pk's love in Montreal is Price...at least on RDS end of third period.... So think big time Habs not condo love- if beyond hot dog bucks,,,go for Weber......need a power play... I've been a fan for decades & decades & Mtl scene is for hockey for fans is there greater than anywhere but there was astretch where the richer & corporate stopped buying season ticket etc.. without any big change between last & this year(Cole?} with no substantial improvement except injury returns on thjis year vs. last.... I get the feeling I and other fans are being as much used as M. George Nield Gillett Jr. or Geoffrey Eric Molson anybody not on payroll with views??? Hairy Harry
  • Comment on Eller signs for two years (2012-07-09 18:59:10)
    He does not speak any native American language...he has a reputation mostly not deserved...if he does not get a contact in the NHL for sure he he has or will get KHL offers.....he will have to accept less than the $3.25 he got from the Habs in the NHl...for sure as the Nashville venture with Radulov was dumb.... still he would be a steal if he had a good coach who also respects his offensive strengths & not push the defense, which in fact he has been good at...scratched the right way he will evfentually be explosive.... Hairy Harry
  • Comment on Eller signs for two years (2012-07-09 17:40:06)
    the 4 goal night...shows Eller's talent...also Kostitsyn's..fans might be disappointed thinking lack of effort ( = nights off it was said) but the ex-team management ran him through a washing machine plus the dryer...everybody knows he can score 40 maybe 50 goals..he was one of the best for hits , the best 2 years back...good plus minus...most years 20 plus goals...most years top 6 forward...he has always said he loves Montreal....reported popular in the dressing room & upbeat, funny compared to his TV punished dog appearance.... with Russian speaking players around & finally some ability to communicate ( maybe he would be better to try French before English)....why don't the Habs make him an offer.... They need a winger & if they keep Gomez, AK may need to replace Gionta on the Plek line...
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens draft Galchenyuk, Malcolm Subban to Boston (2012-06-22 19:09:26)
    Unless Habs draft both Galchenyuk & Nail Yakupov. they cannot draft either because they share the agent who is a risk because of future deals he is capable of making.. that is why I think Habs must get #4 from Islanders or go elsewhere.. Harry...I'm an old dog but saw habs on tv in 1952 and always knew how good they were...as well as the management knew too how good they were hope we wil be back to the good old days...it was really great..go Laleur and Beliveau Richards Chelios Carbonneau and my favourite Mats Naslund....the one player we little kids adored as they later did for the Giant Saku Koivu..Sherbrooke has a great hospital..his sweater should have been retired... Hairy Harry Hairy Harry
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens draft Galchenyuk, Malcolm Subban to Boston (2012-06-22 16:22:09)
    Canadians may stay at #3 but if they do not get a forward they will likely want to trade down in first round , or in any event, more likely be wanting to add a first round pick or two.....they have some things to offer with defense prospects and young NHL-experienced defensemen and veteran defensemen plus NHL scorers who just do not fit plus desireable secon-round picks... trading or acquiring down, or trading, most notably #4 NY Islanders and one or both Tampa picks, first one at # 10... wants: forwards- Alex Galchenyuk, Nail Yakupov,Teuvo Teravainen, Mikhail Grigorenko defense- Morgan Rielly, Matthew Dumba if top choice happens- no movement- otherwise any of above Mtl are good pickers & I still think André K. and Hamrlik were top rate players that seemed ok with teammates and liked Montreal... ..many won`t agree but I am very often right in my assessments as crazy as they may seem... I`m an old dog Harry Hairy Harry
  • Comment on Draft week begins (2012-06-19 21:18:02)
    Montreal has options to move, exchange or trade draft picks.....for #1 with Edmonton the pick is the consensus #1 pick Yakupov..the player designated in the exchange wood be PK Subban in exchange for #1 plus prospect(s) recent draftees.... Paajarvi #1 as Montreal would need a speedy left winger for Tomas Plekanec/Gionta line ... or instead Linus Omark or both... I don't think Montreal would go there as the first choice they bwould have to make to lose Subban would be Yakupov who has brilliant skills but but but and targeted under NHL allowing to much hampering of movement which hurts all but big players as the Jagr/Kovalev/ even Selanne..all plus 6 feet....and stick-handling-shot skills.... no matter...Montreal would want a big center if they cannot get Yakupov and want to pay a lesser price... they could trade to Columbus but what to gain?... Best Habs deal if any is to attempt to get the Islanders pick...worth a Yannick Webber, Marc Streit said he would love & Habs add a #2 draft pick to the Islanders hopefully not the Habs early round two...this could give either Galchenyuk & Mikhail Grigorenko or one of the two and a top rate defenseman as Griffin Reinhart or Murray if left...there are a few other potential greats in this including Malcolm Subban, but that is somehat on the edge though not completely out of line... I am very often right in my picks having followed the Canadiens since 1952 when they first appeared on TV...I finished the year before last on Habs Fantasy hockey season game picks regular season and playoffs ...I'm 68 years old...finishing #3 overall....there over 12,000 regular participants picking game by game predictions on player performances..Later I was very upset that the Habs management at the end of that season got rid of many of their top performers on those charts and then no surprise to me ...the team finished last....it now sounds as there is a so much smarter bunch there this time around..... hope the team gets a another top ranked be it Yakupov or Grigorenko...and do not count out Jagr ( I love Kovalev too but maybe if he just does it for way reduced fees..lovely to watch when he wants and maybe ready to go in a blaze of glory... Habs win the cup??? Only great hockey knowledge and talk and ownership allowing some real ability to spend up to the cap will do it.. Hope this sparks some further thoughts from those who know the Habs players their skills and how they get along with their teammates Hairy Harry