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  • Comment on P.K. said to reject Canadiens’ first offer (2012-08-07 22:37:55)
    Still in love with the Subban and Pleks for Brayden Schenn and Braydon Coburn rumour I heard earlier this summer, but with Mezaros out, they can't afford to trade Coburn.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Andrei Kostitsyn to Nashville is first trade of the day. (2012-02-27 17:18:39)
    Offseason we lose Moen, Darche and Campoli for nothing. It would have been nice to get something for them. A 7th rounder even?
  • Comment on Gomez speaks (2012-02-07 16:31:35)
    You make it sound like nothing. We are paying 12% of our salary cap to a player who hasn't scored a goal in more than a calendar year. It is a big deal and should be treated as such. I can't imagine any other franchise refusing to acknowledge such a HUGE and CONTINUING error. Even the Leafs finally said "Oops! We gave Finger how much?" and ate their mistake. The same with the Rangers and Redden. Gomez is not only wasting a huge chuck of the salary cap, but is also taking up the space of some young player who is potentially 1 goal better than he is. It's all great that he's a stand-up guy and all, but in pro sports, unless you're pulling your weight, you must be gone. Everyone has slumps, but an entire year without a goal? Stick a fork in ya, yer done.
  • Comment on Gomez speaks (2012-02-07 16:22:50)
    Nice try Mrs. Gomez.
  • Comment on And here come the Rangers (2012-01-15 10:22:30)
    Nice try Mrs. Gauthier.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Cammalleri to Calgary (2012-01-13 09:45:50)
    Mark my words, trading Kerri Ramo - The Best Goalie in the World - will come back to bite us in the ass.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Cammalleri to Calgary (2012-01-12 23:08:10)
    But now we're stuck with another 3rd line (2nd line on Mtl) forward @ $3,333,333 for the next 5 years. Complete trade is Michael Cammalleri, Karri Ramo, 5th round pick for Rene Bourque, Patrick Holland and a 2nd pick in the 2013. Never understood why they never brought Ramo over to be Price's back-up after Halak was traded. He is now the #1 goalie in Europe.
  • Comment on Video from practice (2012-01-11 12:19:53)
    It's not just the pressure of playing in a Canadian city, or the stupid language debate, it's the fact that they are constantly in the limelight in Canada. No private life at all. Not only for the player, but for his family as well. Not to mention the outrageous taxes they have to pay in Canada. Why not play in TB or LA where your family can avoid the Canadian winters, play golf on your days off and walk down the street without being harassed? In Quebec it's even worse tax-wise.
  • Comment on Video from practice (2012-01-11 12:05:17)
    Wow. Good thing we didn't "waste" that $3M on Jagr. He'd be our leading scorer right now. Would love to get a real back-up for Price. Oops, we're stuck with Budaj for another season. It would be nice to scoop a couple of proper 2-way forwards such as Chris Kelly or David Jones. No way in hell we'd get a sniff of Parise and there isn't really another contract-worthy game-breaker available. Trade route? Play all the kids?
  • Comment on Liveblog: Winning streak stops at 2 (2012-01-10 22:50:19)
    Black guy...and why is that inappropriate?