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  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Flyers (2013-04-03 21:19:14)
    It would have been the shift right before flyers second goal. Announcers noted that he tried skating before heading to dressing room.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Flyers (2013-04-03 21:17:12)
    Pleks' is either hurt or equipment malfunction.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Canadiens at Flyers (2013-04-03 21:16:16)
    Emelin closed his hand on the puck in the crease and dropped it to price, got that penalty right but missed the blatant cross-check by hartnell on halpern. Ridiculous!
  • Comment on Five players cut, Price faces Dallas (2011-09-19 21:15:36)
    Does anyone know where or how to watch habs games over the internet? thanks
  • Comment on Snow! (2011-07-01 22:54:16)
  • Comment on Audio: Habs sign Cole, Budaj; Hamrlik, Halpern join Caps, Pouliot to Bruins, Auld to Senators (2011-07-01 22:24:53)
    Considering Jagr's propensity for online roulette, he was probably looking for a contract in the 3.5 range, and everybody knows that outside bets at 2-1 are a suckers play. Therefore the 2mill offer was nothing but a slap in the face to a seasoned roulettiere (apparently that's a word, go figure) We got what we needed, so lets get gorges signed so we can enjoy the summer and not have a repeat of the Price saga. - my comp needs to rest, its been a long season
  • Comment on Gauthier has money in the bank (2011-06-30 18:14:14)
    Please explain how PG screwed up by trading a defenseman who wasn't going to crack the line-up considering the dearth of depth we had at d. Even if we had kept him, he'd still be our 7th at best. So PG does good by the player and trades him to a team that can use him, and gets a decent prospect in return for a player that we don't need.
  • Comment on Gauthier has money in the bank (2011-06-30 18:07:28)
    Anthony Stewart would be an interesting pickup on the 3rd line with eller and AK leaving dd moen white and Darch on the fourth. Still leaves a gapping whole on our top 6. Atleast after last year we can agree that AK has found a home on the 3rd line. As for souray, he's an injury waiting to happen and a defensive liability. He hasn't played in the NHL these last 2 years because he lost a step, always injured, cancer in the room, and finally his contract! So no thanks. If emelin doesn't pan out, then and only then should we start considering picking up another d-man. A slew should still be available in november. Ps: dd isn't gio or mats naslund, but in no way was he out of place. If insulated with big hard working wingers he can produce as he proved, even when paired up with the inept pouliot
  • Comment on Canadiens make offer to Hamrlik (2011-06-28 17:38:26)
    Lol, I was definitely kidding about bringing all those old players in. It was just a comment about how many czech's we have on the team and the jagr rumors. I'm much more comfortable going into this year with our line-up and price's bounce back year. We have 2 second lines and a decent third line and 4 th line. Our strength will be on the backend and hopefully, yes hopefully, that will be enough for another run. Thanks to those who clarified my waiver question and note that a few teams are going to be looking for salary in order to make the minimum cap, so as slim as it may be, spacek being waived and claimed is plausible if not possible.
  • Comment on Canadiens make offer to Hamrlik (2011-06-28 15:13:49)
    Your right about Wiz being a defensive liability, but as for the habs offering him a contract, I doubt that. There is no way they would tie up the amount of money Wiz would want for 4-5 years. Correct me if I'm wrong, but waiving Spacek and having him picked up by another team would take a portion of his salary off our books and free up a roster spot? Thanks ps: They should sign Hasek, Jagr, Lang and whatever old czech superstars they can get their hands on