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  • Comment on Re-Hab Halpern set to face Penguins (2013-03-26 18:07:13)
    Is that you Porgie, Porgie Tirebiter? Go Habs Go
  • Comment on Audio: Setting the scene for Game 1 (2010-04-30 15:08:17)

    Maybe I'll be roasted for this post...

    I say start Price tonight, give Jaro another nights rest. Tell him (and Carey) straight up; Price get's the start tonight, but we go with Jaro the rest of the series. This way Price get's the chance to prove he's got what it takes in the playoffs, and Halak get's the rest he needs. Also Halak will know that he has the entire series to play after tonight. It screws with the Pens heads a bit too.


    O.K. light me up.


    Go Habs Go

  • Comment on Game 14 (adds audio): Bruins toy with Habs (2008-11-13 01:50:30)
    It's slow in Victoria too. Go Habs Go
  • Comment on Game 13: Higgy’s hat, Price’s shutout lift Habs (2008-11-12 00:08:46)
    I'm with you on the PVR love, no longer do I have to rush home early from work in order to catch the game. I think you'll be able to relate Timo, as I believe your also in the west where the games start unnaturally early. Not to mention how nice it is to FF past the panel and other filler between periods. I also find myself in total agreement with respect to your points both for the good and the bad, which leaves me with just one question for you Timo...hows Guy doing?LOL You need'nt respond to that, I'm just stirrin' the pot. Seriously though, were you surprised that Neil didn't want anything to do with BGL? Go Habs Go
  • Comment on O’B scratched (2008-10-24 21:11:41)
    good tip, thanks. Go Habs Go
  • Comment on Press review (2008-10-22 12:13:10)
    I think I'd cream my silk boxers with the embroidered CH on the front!! Jay would be an incredible long term upgrade, is he RFA, or UFA this season? And what would the Panthers be looking for in compensation? Go Habs Go
  • Comment on Press review (2008-10-22 11:58:17)
    The need for a top 4 defenseman is without a doubt Mr. Gainey's top priority. I would imagine that Bob is positioning himself to be ready to pull the trigger around Christmas time, but the WHO, and for WHAT eludes me. One name that comes to mind is Fedor Tyutin, from the Bluejackets. I'm not sure what Columbus would need to make the trade happen....any thoughts? Go Habs Go
  • Comment on Halak could start in TO (2008-10-09 21:30:07)
    DD It's Lee Hayes, I need you to contact me so we can coordinate meeting up with eachother on the 18th!! My cell number is 1.250.589.2401, my father and I are staying at the Hotel Du Fort. Looking forward to hearing from you. I'm in Ottawa and would love to hang out with you before the trip to Montreal. Go Habs Go
  • Comment on A win and some cuts (2008-10-01 18:57:02)
    I'm in!!!!! Go Habs Go
  • Comment on About last night … (2008-02-21 00:21:25)
    "These people trailed by four touchdowns at Stalingrad", made me spray pop out my nose. Very erudite commentary Mr.Boone, the never say die, nay the, 'come back you coward I'll bite your bloody head off' attitude might easily be attributed to the Russian/Belorussian contingent. I make it a habit to watch games all the way through, no matter how bad it gets...last night I was rewarded me with the most incredible sports rush( just short of a Stanley Cup in my opinion ). I talked about it all day...good thing the Canucks won in OT, otherwise I'm sure my audience would have been less indulgent. Go Habs Go