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Favorite current player: Mike Komisarek
All-time favorite player: Patrick Roy


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  • Comment on Taking stock of fancy-skating P.J. (2010-09-08 16:01:49)

    I was lucky at the package sales and got a 10 game pack, which is way more than I wanted.

    So I got 7 pairs of Club Desjardins (Section 206 row D ) for sale.   I know I'll lose some money on the pre-season tickets and make some money on the others ( and try to make some on the Toronto game )

    I'd rather sell directly to a habs fan here then on ebay or a ticket broker.  Tickets cost 365 to 500 depending on optimum pricing.

    Preseason - Ottawa - Friday Sep 24th - 250$

    Opening night - Tampa Bay - Wed Oct 13th - 600$

    Philly - Tue Nov 16th - 400$

    Edmonton - Wed Dec 1st - 400$

    Atlanta - Sun Jan 2nd - 450$

    Florida Wed Feb 2th - 400$

    Toronto - Feb 24th - 700$


    I don't mind selling for less if you take more than one ( or all of them ) !

    Feel free to contact me here or at trembl27 at hot mail dot com !


  • Comment on Audio: Comments from the rehabbing Habs (2008-10-14 19:29:21)
    I could not do it with Firefox, it says "unkown error". It worked with IE in part. I could download the link but it did not work when I tried to open it. So I saved it on desktop and I opened it with MediaPlayer and RealPlayer and it did not work. Could not find the WMA file. I think it was searching locally. It offered me to browse for the file.
  • Comment on A win and some cuts (2008-10-01 15:42:57)
    Is there anyone here playing NHL 09 on PS3 ? Me and a friend are spending lots of time playing the be a pro mode online and we are looking for a few more teammates. Please reply here if you are interested in joining.. you can always email at trembl27 at hot male dot com (kidding, you should know the email ! )