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  • Comment on Liveblog: Senators spank Canadiens 6-1, take series lead (2013-05-05 21:52:05)
    Everyone's talking about how hard the Sens came out hitting...stupid refs messed up....they are the ones that set the tempo of the game....two missed calls in the first minute....cross check to the face of Subban and then a call which would have been made on Prust....they tripped up calls...showed the Sens that they could do whatever they want...messed up!
  • Comment on Gionta: ‘Step in the right direction’ (Video) (2013-04-19 00:45:59)
    It's funny, there are a lot of Canadiens fans out there that are schizophrenic. One minute they can't believe the Habs have pulled off such a miraculous season. The next minute they are calling for Therrien, Price, Bergevin, etc... heads! Then 3 minutes and a win later there they are "Habs are going far into the playoffs, WOOHOO!" Yes, Montreal exceeded expectations! They were suppose to end this season fighting for the 1st overall pick! Instead, they are fighting for 1st in their division! One of their top D-man (Emelin) goes down for the rest of the season, they still clinch their spot in the playoffs, and then goes the 3 game horror! A fan cheers for their team when they are winning! A true fan cheers for their team when they are losing, especially when the team has given their fans a reason to cheer through more than 3/4's of a season! A 3 game slide does not mean "Pack-it-up the season is over!" (For peet sake, the playoffs haven't even started yet!) Does a win against one of the worst teams in the league mean that they are over their slide? No! However, anyone who has gone through a rough patch knows that what helps a person get through it is: 1) Hard work and effort AND 2) The help and support from the ones that surround and care about the person. All that I'm saying is, if you want the Habs to make it far into the your support....cheer.....even if they are losing.....the players are human beings too and even they need a moral booster! You want them to get out of this your support!
  • Comment on And here come the Rangers (2012-01-15 11:42:20)
    I believe that one of the main problems we have this year is that the players aren't sure where they stand.... Over the last few years the habs have tried to roll 3 "1st lines" and a 4th line....unfortunately, this year they don't have the talent to do that.... Eller is not a shutdown center man and neither is Kostitsyn a shutdown player..... The players need to be told their role.... With a heathy lineup: I think that the top two scoring lines should consist of: Cole - Desharnais - Paciorretti Kostitsyn - Eller - Bourque Now for the 3rd line (the shutdown line) I know there is a lot of money pumped into it, but we know that these players thrived in the past working under these roles.... Gomez - Plekanec - Gionta And then have a REAL 4th line.... White - "Energetic Center" - Blunden On defense....when Markov comes back.... Gorges - Subban Markov - Emelin Diaz - Kaberle In an ideal world Kaberle would be substituted for a REAL shutdown defenseman (each defense pairing needs an offensive defenseman and a stay at home defenseman). Just my two cents!
  • Comment on About last night … with audio (2011-12-30 00:44:25)
    no one seems to be blaming the referees (or Toronto head office) for their outstanding plays! :-p
  • Comment on Liveblog: Tough loss (2011-12-29 21:09:19)
    1st up...the ref had intent to stop goal should hae been crosscheck to Leblanc in front of the right in front of the call.....all in a span of 2min 22sec!
  • Comment on Explaining the zebras (2011-11-07 21:12:53)
    hmmmm.....apparently when you google Dean Morton, not too many pleasant articles pop up! :-/
  • Comment on Audio: No suspension for Malone hit fuels plenty of debate (2011-10-03 13:26:03)
    Can't wait to hear Shanahan's reasoning! :-p
  • Comment on Audio: No suspension for Malone hit fuels plenty of debate (2011-10-03 10:28:19)
    Hmmm....starting to wonder had Paccioretti been on another team, would Chara have been suspended?
  • Comment on Still winless (2011-09-21 11:25:09)
    but Gomez has a better GAA!
  • Comment on Another bloody chapter (2011-03-09 09:15:07)

    1. Chara and Paciorretti have history (the little shove after the OT winner)

    2. Puck was dumped in a few seconds before the hit

    3. Period was winding down - 16 seconds left (Chara has a history of starting things up at the end of periods/games)

    4. He was shoved/pushed into the boards/glass NOT checked

    5. Chara shoved Paciorretti's head NOT his body

    6. You can't hit a player from behind. Which means you have to be aware of your surroundings. I'm not sure what Chara's intentions were, to hit him into the bench, glass, pole? Who knows? But he was aware that if he were to hit him in that area it would be very likely that he'd be thrown into the bruins bench. But the problem is, when a player is going at that speed and Chara's intent is to SHOVE not CHECK into the bench - there's no way in HELL that the player comes out injury free.