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  • Comment on Audio: Price signs for 2 years (2010-09-02 16:07:58)
    ndg-luigi It was always a foregone conclusion, but the French press had to find something to throw in the face of Canadiens management.Tony Marinaro was right as usual.
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    Jocko Martin was always a LOSER , is still a LOSER , and will always be a LOSER , From Day 1 in Montreal I felt he was the wrong man for the job and he has done nothing to change my opinion. From his questionable handling of the line combos and defense pairings to his lacklustre public persona he continues to drag this team down. Not standing up for Carey Price is the straw that broke the camel's back.  I can't stand looking at him behind the bench scribbling in his little notebook. The worst move Gainey made was hiring this slug. The worst move was giving Pierre Gauthier the GM job, but that's for another day!