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  • Comment on About last night … (terse and pithy edition) (2013-05-03 03:59:33)
    While I'm typing up my first post in years (Re: Price - see below) I might as well chip in my two cents about the Eller hit as someone who has a "few" years of training in medicine. If the NHL is serious about protecting the safety of its players, the legality of the hit should not be based solely on whether or not the primary site of contact is the head, it should be based on whether there was "significant" contact to the head (even if it is incidental), especially if the hit is blindside. From the limited camera angles available to us in the public, it seemed like the intended hit to the shoulder partially "missed". Gryba's shoulder glanced off Eller's shoulder and made "significant" contact with Eller's face. These attempted hits are inherently dangerous and now a young man is going to be permanently disfigured. Unfortunately, with all the neurological sequelae that come with a concussion, this might be the least of his concerns. There's playing with energy and aggressiveness, but at the same time these professionals must learn to respect each other as human beings and learn to recognize when the other person is vulnerable. I do not buy into the fact that Diaz is to blame for the "injury". The onus is on the checker to hold back a little if he see's that there's a moderate to strong possibility of a blindside hit. If while attempting a dangerous play like this, the aggressor is not able to make this judgement correctly, there should definitely be supplemental discipline (if only to demonstrate to others that incorrect judgement on a dangerous play is unacceptable). I'm not taking sides on this matter. For example, I agree with Carbo and think the Subban hit was reckless as well. But at least, it looked like he conscientiously kept the hit away from the head.
  • Comment on About last night … (terse and pithy edition) (2013-05-03 03:14:11)
    "Price not being good enough to win" is starting to sound like a broken record lately. He's a great goalie with all the physical and work attributes to succeed. Although many have praised his calm level headed demeanor, I’m starting to wonder if this is all a façade, and behind it all, he’s fragile. Some goalies are consistently great in the regular season but lack that extra fortitude and choke ever so slightly during “all the chips are on the table” elimination games (refer to another Canadian goalie playing in the 2011 cup final). Other goalies rise above and become the legends (Plante, Dryden, Roy). Now as one of the best paid goaltenders in the league and with a few playoff series under his belt, his apprenticeship of what it takes to become a legend should be coming to fruition. I’m not going to judge him after one game, but personally, I believe this year’s playoff run is time for Price to define what brand of goalie he is. Will he break like glass or will he refuse to succumb and show a champion's resolve?
  • Comment on About this amazing team … (2010-05-24 22:20:18)

    A Second Line Centre?

    Homeboy Matthew Lombardi played pretty well for the Yotes in their short playoffs this year...

    Patrick Marleau was the only Shark that scored against Chicago, but he wouldn't be a second line centre now would he?

    Oh, and there's this UFA that does seem to show up in the playoffs named Saku Koivu. Do you know him?

  • Comment on TGIF in Brossard (2010-05-14 15:49:55)

    A day late, but here's a possible solution to the post game looting.

    Stores on Ste. Catherine should paint/stick huge Canadiens logos on their doors and windows. Let's see how a huge crowd of true fans react when those hooligans try to break that.

  • Comment on Round 2, Game 6: Canadiens force Game 7 (2010-05-10 23:58:07)

    Where's a good place in Calgary to catch game 7?

  • Comment on Round 2, Game 5: Canadiens fall to Penguins 2-1 (2010-05-08 22:04:41)

    This isn't over.

    If they had won tonight, the Pens, with their backs to the wall, would have won game 6 and carried momentum into game 7.

    This way, if we win game 6, we'll have the momentum going into game 7, and it's anyone's game.

    I'm not even surprised. Barely making the playoffs, barely making the second round, they do just enough to get by, and there's no indication that that's going to end just yet.

    With the resiliency that this group has shown, this is far from over.

  • Comment on Carbo juggles lines to face Lightning (2007-12-27 13:07:15)
    Is there a method to this madness? Does all this juggling confuse the opposing team who try to make match-ups because they have no idea what to expect and accustom the players to adapt to change? Or does it confuse our own players who have to constantly adapt to the way their constantly new linemates play? I wonder if Carbo's goal by the end of the year is to have everyone on the whole team comfortable playing with any two other random linemates... And to scratch Chipchura, who's been playing decently. I'm scratching my head...
  • Comment on One-on-one: Captain Kirk thrives at work (2007-11-18 18:24:35)
    Kirk rocks -period- I'll always remember and respect how he played with such grit, determination and smarts. Everyone talks about how Roy's OT heroics won '93 for us, and I'll never dispute that fact, but among the many unsung heroes on that team, Capt'n Kirk was definitely one of them... leading by example.
  • Comment on Canadiens can’t stand pat (2007-11-18 18:16:29)
    I'm praying that Higgins' injury isn't too serious, because we need all the help we can get against an Ottawa team that hasn't lost two straight for as long as I can remember. He finished the game, albeit a bit slower than his normal self, but he is still major component on the Koivu line. But in the worst case scenario, Streit up front sounds good to me. He's been struggling a little bit on D, and might make a bigger contribution up front. Ottawa's going to come out really strong after that embarrassing 3-0 loss to Toronto, and we're going to need to match that intensity and more. We cannot play the same wide open game we did against Boston, because this Ottawa team is quite a bit more talented offensively. Hopefully, the retirement ceremony will get some guys fired up, and this'll end up finishing like the post-Dryden retirement game as a home team W.
  • Comment on Price gets start in Toronto vs. Maple Leafs (2007-11-12 15:49:10)
    It's great news that Price gets his first start in this rivalry vs the leafs. Let's hope he starts it off on the right foot. We need to start winning some of these games. If only to stop Cole and Neale from their post game rant about how the Canadiens were "Checked to the ground!" in a 3-2 game where the winner was scored late in the third and all the leaf goals were either somewhat weak or fluky. Oh wait, CBC isn't televising this game. Now that's music to my ears. Go Habs Go!