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  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-11 09:59:09)
    Totally agree. Back in the day, Habs coaches knew that. They would season guys in the AHL all year, then play them in the playoffs. Y'know, guys like McPhee and Skrudland, and Dryden and Roy and... the list is LONG. But y'know, that was back in the day....when they were winning Cups. MT knows better than those old coaches who are now in the Hall of Fame.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-11 09:56:35)
    Funny that Patches played well with Cole too. Vanek/Cole create room for Max and then DD can find him. If you ask Max to take the lead role on a line, he fails. If you give him space, he's a beast. MT hasn't figured that one out either.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-11 09:53:07)
    That's why you need to structure the best possible lineup. it makes the whole greater than the sum of the parts. That is the art of coaching, to extract maximum performance with the components that you have. Star players have a multiplier effect. Vanek electrified the team with his passes, shots and puck sense. MT threw that all out the window. Vanek on the top line makes everyone better over the course of a series and a season, because goals are hard to come by- that's why he'll get his money. Sure they'll give up the odd goal bc he didn't backcheck but on balance he is a huge asset if he had been used properly. But MT can't compute that equation. MT is simply not bright enough to run an organization. Same with Murray. The opportunity cost of Murray vs Beaulieu is significant. Just horrendous management, and I think the players know it.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-11 09:47:03)
    My point is, it's not the players in this case. I am impressed by how hard they have worked, but the coaching has been so poor that I truly believe they have partially bailed on MT. They know Murray can't play. They know Briere and Vanek can score. Only MT doesn't. Our players are good soldiers, but I will bet that after the season, a lot of stuff comes out about MT; personally, I think he has lost the room, starting with PK and Price, and now Vanek and Max and Markov and Gio. But most of the guys are good soldiers and are playing with integrity and passion for the game. After the season, we'll see signs of discord about the coaching. Watching Gallant behind the bench, I rather suspect he's no big fan of MT either. And btw, Lefebvre needs to go too...
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-11 09:37:32)
    And btw, your point is what scares me. If the team manages to win in spite of him, we'll have to suffer with this idiot for another two or three years.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-11 09:35:46)
    The meltdown was also a coaching issue, with a bit of bad luck thrown in. And MT had Murray on when the OT goal was scored and he lost his man. But the real point I am making is opportunity cost. You cannot leave a franchise in the hands of a man as ignorant as MT. Look at his pressers....have you ever heard him say anything that was not completely dogmatic? Ever heard him say anything original or intelligent? He is just not very bright, and he is the lowest common denominator that the franchise will perform to. Pitt figured it out and unloaded him pronto. We should too.
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-11 09:31:22)
    It won't happen with MB and MT. They will want to show the young guys who is in control, to assert their dominance, to teach them a lesson, to send a message. MT can't coach modern NHL'ers with talent. They have brains and initiative and spirit, and that is not allowed in MT's tiny world-view. Just like Houle and Tremblay. And that worked out so well for us! The emperors have no clothes!! Geoff Molson, do something pls!
  • Comment on About last night … (2014-05-11 09:18:11)
    It simply amazes me that anyone would think the Habs situation is due to anything other than the coaching. MT is ignorant. Not only is he uneducated, but he has no history with a winning organization, no record of achievment in the league other than that he manages to turn great possession teams into duds while alienating his best players with 20th century "message-sending" and debasement. Oh ya, but he IS a Quebecois. Obtain one of the league's best scorers at the deadline, take a couple of weeks to figure out that he needs to play on the top offensive line, watch them absolutely tear up the league for a month, then bail on them after less than one playoff game. Piss off Vanek to the point where he won't play for you, cut his ice time, bounce him around on lines which have been proven not to work, and then, when you need a goal, throw him back out there with DD and Max. You always need goals!! Especially this team. Playing Vanek with DD and Max made the whole team better! Then Gallagher can drop down to make another line better, and you can roll four solid lines, including a fourth line with SPEED, like White-Weise-Bournival. What do you do instead? Keep White out, and harness Weise, who has been playing well, to Prust who is hurt and can barely lift his stick OR skate!! Now you have crippled the top offensive line, and gutted the fourth line, making EVERBODY worse! It simply amazes me.... Now, for good measure, throw Murray in. You don't need advanced analytics to know that the puck never leaves your end every time he is on, because he CAN'T SKATE! But, if you were smart enough to read the analytics, they are crystal clear. Murray is without question the worst defenseman in the NHL by statistical measure. So, let's harness him to Weaver, who has been a STRENGTH, and cripple the third pairing irremediably. Now you have to overplay Markov and Emelin to the point where neither is any good, and Markov is too exhausted to produce on the powerplay. Oh and while we're at it, let's play Josh Gorges on the top pairing and on the 2nd wave of the PP. Gorges is one of the worst point men I have ever seen! His entire approach to playing the point is to dump it down the boards. They needed to integrate at least one of Beaulieu, Tinordi and Pateryn this year, and probably two, and probably in that order. Does anyone think they are worse than Bartkowski, Meszaros, Miller and Krug?? But since MB was foolish enough to acquire Murray, he has to be played, bc MT in his bovine, slavish mind thinks he should not make MB look bad. Even Bouillon is infinitely better than Murray. He moves the puck, can make a few hits, gets some point shots, and can clear the zone. Briere was a foolish acquisition. We could have had a possession beast like MacArthur in his prime for a quarter of the money. But since we have Briere, there is a way to use him, and it is NOT on the fourth line! This is Houle-Tremblay-Cournoyer all over again. Total management incompetence. Ah but yes MB and MT are French...We're never going to get anywhere with MT in place. He needs to go asap. We'll see about MB. What a shame...this team could have done something. One more thing. Anyone who thinks DD can be a #1 center is crazy. Have you watched the Ducks and Getzlaf? They would eat DD alive!
  • Comment on Liveblog: Eastern Semifinal Game 5 – Bruins win 4-2, take series lead (2014-05-10 19:42:15)
    Take the best line in the league since the trade deadline, with a gifted acquisition, and break them up and cut the scorer's ice time to almost nil. Put a natural winger who is hurt and can't get any leverage on his stick or skate instead of White who is fast, tough and can win draws. Lose 1-0 at home and remove the guy with the best playoff scoring record from the lineup. And to top it all off, put Murray in the lineup. Fire this guy!
  • Comment on HI/O Show: The return of St. Patrick … and much more (2014-03-19 22:54:03)
    yes that is why we NEED Beaulieu