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  • Comment on Mike Boone discusses new role with Melnick (2011-08-23 11:11:43)
    You know it's a slow news day (week (month (summer))) when Boone makes the news on HIO :P
  • Comment on Sorry about that … (2010-11-04 12:55:19)

    I agree with you. Wishful thinking I guess :(

  • Comment on Sorry about that … (2010-11-04 12:53:27)

    He isn't scoring anyway, so it wouldn't exactly hurt the team. And besides, you never know, maybe he'll get mad and force himself to put up some points. Darche can be kinda clutch on occasion, a game or two on the 4th line might do him more good than you think.


    And anyway, at this point I think it's more important to get Gionta scoring. They gotta try and break those two up.

  • Comment on Sorry about that … (2010-11-04 12:28:57)

    Nice to see some changes at practice but it's unlikely that most of them will stick come game time. Martin is afraid of change, and too satisfied sticking with the status quo. I don't care how much money he's making, Gomez needs a wake up call. They need to reduce his minutes and find a way to get better passes to Gionta. Put him with Pleks and Cammy, Cammy can take care of the high slot / faceoff circle area, Gionta can go back to standing in front of the net and Plekanec might be able to get both of them going. Put Eller centering the second line with Andrei and like Lapierre, and stick Gomez on the fourth with Pyatt and Darche, and we'll see if Gomez continues coasting after that.


    Spacek needs to sit. Like now.



  • Comment on Brodeur on goalie interference (2010-10-22 13:48:57)

    All these stats are misleading lol.

    - Mara is playing so much because they literally don't have any other choice.

    - D'Agostini's goals were all in one game.

    - Latendresse is fat.

  • Comment on Brodeur on goalie interference (2010-10-22 13:13:31)

    On the TSN story they mentioned a specific channel... 1402 in HD. I believe TSN and TSN2 are 1401 and 1402 respectively. Moreover, look at the first game, Monday Oct. 25th. You think that TSN is going to switch their feed from Monday Night Football to a Habs/Coyotes game? Somehow I doubt it. HNIC has different games in different regions, but the entire network is on hockey. 

    I could be wrong but it does seem like there will be a specific, separate feed, kind of like how Center Ice only goes live during games.

  • Comment on Brodeur on goalie interference (2010-10-22 11:43:03)


    Hey guys,


    Quick not on the whole TSN / Habs things. I'm probably making an issue out of nothing and it will likely end up on the Videotron grid sooner or later, but I wasn't reassured with their call to fans to contact their providers (which we all know means Videotron). We had enough trouble getting TSN2 on the grid, and I hope we can all rally and get videotron to add the regional Habs feed TSN is going to be offering as early as Monday's first game! I'm really looking forward to hearing Randorf and Johnson call the game but I have a feeling I won't get to unless I do it online or at a friend's house.


    I posted a call to arms in my latest blog (after the powerplay rant, lol), and hopefully we can all contact Videotron and get them to add the feed!


    Check it out for links:





  • Comment on Spector’s Top 10 (2008-10-27 12:34:37)
    No Kostopoulos? I guess his goal meant nothing...
  • Comment on Spector’s Top 10 (2008-10-27 13:57:09)
    Eric Engels suggested something interesting on Hockeybuzz... Sit out Breezer and O'Byrne and put Dandenault next to Bouillon as the 6th d-man. I like it tbh, Dandy's worked hard this season so far and he should be rewarded, not sat out. then basically the battle on the 4th would be between Big Georges and Big Steve to go on Lapierre's wing along with Tom the Bomb.
  • Comment on Happy birthday, Uncle George! (2008-10-22 18:46:26)
    Onion Rings?