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Habs fan since: 1999
Favorite current player: Carey Price, Ovie, Andrei Markov, Jaroslav Halak
All-time favorite player: Carey Price, Jonathan Toews, Alexander Ovechkin, Gino Malkin, Markov....to be continued!

"It must be love!"

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  • Comment on Canadiens match 73-year-old futility streak (2011-10-18 21:28:53)
    Because it was an icing, genius.
  • Comment on Canadiens spoil Jets party (2011-10-09 18:13:06)
    @CanadiensMTL say nothing serious for Cammi and Spacek. Thank the lord! "It must be love!"
  • Comment on Canadiens spoil Jets party (2011-10-09 18:09:23)
    HockeyBreak on twitter reports that Cammi was taken straight out on an ambulance. Habs are cursed. And screwed. "It must be love!"
  • Comment on New sheriff in town (2011-08-26 17:22:26)
    Hi everyone! I know it's been ages since I've posted here but I'm still very much present. Twitter was kinda easier to use from the phone and Uni took over my life!! As for the Habs, I'm very happy with how our team is looking. On paper, we are destined for a real good season. Once again, I would say our success will be parallel to that of Price's. He's capable of doing it so there's no reason why we shouldn't believe in him and the team. And the Captain is solid. One of my fears going into Free Agent Frenzy was landing a guy who considered himself bigger than the team. Love the dynamic of our current roster. Also, if our last season was any indication, without Price playing 100% every game, we could be in trouble. In that case, Peter Budaj is an adequate fill-in. Not saying he can replace Price but he's better than Alex Auld. And a strong insurance and he accepts his role. Bravo PG! I gotta sign off now but I'll be back :) "B.E.L.I.E.V.E!"
  • Comment on On to Game 7 (2011-06-13 21:12:33)
    Boone, the answer to the goal differential question is yes! The Pens beat the Wings in 7 and scored 3 fewer goals. (14 to 17 goals) "It must be love!"
  • Comment on The Boston boos (2011-04-16 15:17:31)
    Look at Phoenix today. Yes they had to be more aggressive and physical. They hit everything that moved but took undisciplined penalties and Wings made them pay. I have the feeling the Bruins might be tempted to overdo it just a bit. And the Habs PP needs to wake up and make them pay. The first goal will be HUGE tonight.
  • Comment on Entire Trois-Rivières school is behind Habs (2011-04-10 15:23:01)
    That was really too cute! Good job guys!!!!
  • Comment on Quick hits (2011-04-06 00:20:44)
    Price: 72 GP, 37 wins (T-1st), .923 SV% (5th), 2.37 GAA (9th) 4 146 mins played (1st). What an incredible bounceback season for Carey! Just to give you a perspective on Price's insane numbers. Halak last year (regular season + playoffs): 63GP, 35 Ws, .923 SV%, 2.48 GAA. Jaro in the series against Philly looked gassed after all the game-saving performances. Carey has done just that all season & still plays solid hockey. I don't see any reason why that wouldn't hold true in the playoffs! If Brodeur can do it, so can Carey! "It must be love!"
  • Comment on Winning streak ends (2011-02-06 16:12:42)

    Hey guys! I'm studying for an Organic 2, yes I have to do Organic 2 as well :( and not watching the game. On and off on the radio but I believe that Habs will win this one.

    "It must be love!"

  • Comment on NHL SuperSkills lineup sheet (2011-01-29 16:39:00)

    Here's a pic of PK on the red carpet. He looks sharp! 

    Here's a link for the live feed: