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  • Comment on Habs Future (2011-11-29 20:49:08)
    Thanks for another great update. Watch for big numbers from Morgan Ellis this week. He'll likely have something to prove after not being invited to the world junior camp. He's been one of the top 5 defenders in the QMJHL this season. And with the trade deadline approaching (Dec. 19) suitors are lining up for his services.
  • Comment on Liveblog: Six? Sick! (2011-10-24 18:11:13)
    Watched Vincent act as coach and GM for 10 years in Cape Breton. He's a younger version of Jaques Martin. Systems coach, line juggler, loves to lean on his veterans. He built consistently talented regular season teams but couldn't find any real playoff success. In his defence, he had a knack for finding great goalies (Fleury, Pavelec, Houle, on and on). And the organization has struggled mightily since he left for the Montreal Juniors several seasons back.
  • Comment on Canadiens bulk up for Panthers (2011-10-24 09:36:53)
    well written, seriousfan. A reactive and unresearched submission is fine for a fan but unacceptable for paid columnists like Cowan and Todd. These guys are supposed to be impartial and above such emotional outbursts.
  • Comment on Update from Team M*A*S*H (2011-10-08 15:51:18)
    Thanks for the update. Ellis, by the way has been spectacular since his return from Canadiens camp. Look for him to have a great year on a vastly improved Cape Breton Screaming Eagles squad.
  • Comment on Leblanc to have shoulder surgery (2011-05-09 19:44:44)
    Played through a shoulder injury..sounds tough enough to me.
  • Comment on Hamrlik, Price award winners; Moen missing (2011-04-04 15:36:40)
    Ha! Good one Ian.
  • Comment on The Jersey shuffle, Russian kids and a Wild surge (2011-01-08 11:33:32)

    I don't like "the without a headache" line at the end of Basu's story. First suggestion I've read about Georges being a late night guy. Hate when a columnist drops that crap in without attribution or evidence. Georges has been the same warrior type player before and after Gill's arrival so I'm not sure what kind of talking to he needed from Hal. Think I'll message Arpon directly about that one.

  • Comment on The week finally starts (2010-12-01 10:19:33)

    I see some NHL columnists have put the suggestion out there that Marco Sturm could be placed on waivers by the Bruins once he returns from injury. Wonder how he'd look on the Habs? He's a 20 goal scorer with terrific defensive skills. Sounds like a Martin type player to me. Is he the top 6 we need? His salary is $3.5 million. Normally that would be tough to fit under our cap, but not if Markov is added to LTIR. Hmmm.....

  • Comment on Game 2: Price, Cammalleri lead Habs past Penguins (2010-10-09 09:43:45)

    Always felt Pouliot would best serve the team and himself as a third liner. Seems like everyone wants him to be Top-6 but his size, skill in the corners, defensive abilities and sometimes scoring touch make him more valuable in a third line role. Maybe the emergence of Lars Eller will make this happen. Nothing wrong with having a player like him on your third line. In fact, I think it would say a lot for a team's depth if a player like Pouliot was on your third line.

  • Comment on TGIFF (2010-07-30 15:44:05)

    $1 million in year 1 and $1.2 million in year 2 as per Sportsnet.